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  • Remembering those who aren't home for holidays

    In December 1944, over 63,000 American GIs languished in prisoner of war camps in both theaters of war.As the holidays approached, more than 7,000 prisoners waited out the war at Stalag Luft I near Barth, Germany. The POWs continued to celebrate Christmas the best they could under the depressing conditions of their detention.Col. Einar Malmstrom
  • Purpose of our service

    It has certainly been a great year here at Malmstrom. An incredible effort by so many people led to wing success at every turn. Our recent domination of the competition during Global Strike Challenge and bringing the Blanchard Trophy home as the Air Force's best missile wing was certainly a testament to the kind of year we have had. Now, although
  • The Journey Continues...

    It's wonderful to again be a part of the nation's ICBM team! Marsha and I are excited to return to the mission that has provided us so much personal and professional camaraderie and growth through the years. As I begin serving with you, I want to share a few thoughts that will help you get acquainted with me and understand my intent.I am an Airman,
  • Lessons learned from a boy wizard

    I have always been an avid reader. My grandmother started teaching me to love reading early in my life. She would spend countless hours reading aloud to me and encouraged me to find a love in literature. My grandfather-her husband- and my mother are both illiterate. My grandmother knew if I didn't learn from her, I never would.I grew up in a home
  • Leadership lessons from Yogi Berra

    On Sept. 22 we lost a great American, Lawrence "Yogi" Berra. For those that don't know, Yogi Berra was born to Italian immigrant parents and went on to become an 18-time All-Star, 10-time World Series champion, and three-time MVP.  He played 18 seasons with the Yankees and one with the Mets before continuing on as a manager and coach until his
  • Health care administrators, entrusted to facilitate health care

    Active-duty members, their families and retirees of Malmstrom Air Force Base trust our doctors, nurses and medical technicians to provide high-quality, safe and professional health care.  Patients may only see their provider during a visit; however, a largely hidden yet critical component of the health care delivery team is the administrators
  • A perspective on commitment

    When we first become an Airman, whether enlisted, officer or civilian, we take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. What does that mean? Looking back on over four decades of service, my perspective has changed from when I first enlisted to today serving as a civil servant.The
  • Spiritual resilience: Strengthening the human "within"

    Sometimes it's easier to convey a truth with a word picture, a parable that is thrown down alongside a reality making it easier to grasp. Spirituality and spiritual resilience are "built-fit" for this.  So here's my attempt to turn the "landing-light" on this critical component of lives.  Let's start with open ocean racing. Have you seen the yachts
  • Take steps to prevent identity theft

    Did you know that the Department of Defense has announced that approximately 4 million current and former DoD employees' information may have been compromised? These members should have already been notified and will receive free subscriptions to CSID Protector Plus for 18 months. But what have you done to prevent and mitigate identity theft?There
  • Run because you can

    In an editorial entitled, "Never saw this coming...Lessons learned in trying times," former Air Force Personnel Center commander Maj. Gen. A.J. Stewart wrote, "Be fit, be strong and be healthy every day. Fitness is not about just passing the Air Force Fitness Test or deploying, it is about saving your life. A well-rested, strong body and a healthy