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  • Remembering who you are

    As this year is my 28-year anniversary in the United States Air Force, I'm often asked what motivates me to continue serving. The answer is simple, I remember who I am.Whatever your role in the USAF - enlisted, officer, civilian or contractor - we can all get caught up in our "daily routines" of fighting next-day suspenses and administrative
  • If you’re going to give...give your best

    How do you answer the question, "What is your purpose for being part of the greatest Air Force in the world?" Is your answer: love for country; it's a family tradition; it was a way out; educational opportunities; a steady paycheck/benefits; the need to belong to something greater than yourself; or something totally different?Regardless of your
  • Meandering Montana: Sluice Box adventures

    With 147,000 square miles of pristine forests, lakes and rivers, Montana is home to some of the finest outdoor activities nature lovers can experience. Scattered throughout the state are vast national parks, expedition centers and hiking trails, all of which are focused on providing those with an adventurous spirit an outlet to explore.For Airmen
  • Focused on the future, with a clear vision

    Since I can remember, I have always struggled with my sight. My vision was horrible since birth and had affected every aspect of my childhood growing up. My grades in school were terrible, participating in sports was a challenge and even every-day ordinary activities were frustrating.For the longest time, I thought this was normal and didn't even
  • It's not about you

    Perhaps the most simplistic yet important leadership lesson I know is "it's not about you."  We've all met or worked with a self-centered careerist who operates at the expense of their subordinates.  It's what the U.S. Army refers to as "toxic leadership."  Classic toxic leaders focus almost exclusively on themselves, and their own careers tend to
  • Why we remember

    When most people think of the Holocaust, they think of the event in its entirety.  A vast number of people, mostly Jews, were murdered as a result of what Adolf Hitler pretentiously called the "final solution." It is naïve to think that this statement is all there is to the Holocaust, as some people do. Some even deny that it took place. Broken
  • Four keys to an AF mission

    When we all complete basic military training, technical training schools, Officer Training School, ROTC or the Military Academies, we gained some understanding of what the Air Force and the Department of Defense are looking for in us as individuals.  We hear it in different forms, but usually it can be boiled down to a mantra touted by an awesome
  • Preventing sexual assault in the Air Force is our enduring responsibility

    As we begin Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, clear signs point to the progress we have made in combating sexual assault. We can cite encouraging numbers in the areas of prevalence, reporting and convictions; however, this serves as only the beginning of an enduring effort. This effort must continue without pause and we must not lose
  • Earth Day turns 45 this year

    Earth Day will turn 45 years old this year, and the theme for this year's celebration is "It's Our Turn to Lead."  Earth Day is being celebrated in a number of ways, but some of the most important are the Global Day of Conversation and Climate Education Week.Global Day of Conversation is an attempt to engage local leaders and elected officials to
  • How Little League prepared me for the Air Force

    I believe that there are two seasons - winter and baseball.  For the past few years, I've been coaching Little League and the experience reminded me that baseball teaches us much more than pitching, hitting and catching...it imparts lessons that apply to life in and out of the Air Force.You have to master the fundamentals.   You won't improve if