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What is WING1WERX?

WING1WERX is a dedicated Spark Cell home to Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana. As response to Gen. C.Q. Brown's Accelerate Change or Lose initiative, the cell was stood up to provide a centralized space for Airmen to practice and develop innovation.

WING1WERX started when Gen. Brown's call to action birthed AFWERX, a global Air Force initiative to foster a culture of innovation and to engage with entrepreneurs in the Air Force ecosystem. Then, it trickled down to each major command and then each base, with Malmstrom establishing WING1WERX in February 2020.

Also known as the Innovation Lab, the area was given a home in the 341st Contracting Squadron in building 145 next to The Grizzly Bend.

The lab is a large conference room equipped with Wi-Fi enabled tablets and a virtual-reality headset with drafting software. Along with other equipment and tools, Airmen are able to turn their ideas into tangible solutions by researching and corresponding with Department of Defense organizations, academic sources and commercial partners.

If you have innovative ideas and want to implement them, send an email to the WING1WERX org box at

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