An introduction to the Malmstrom AFRC

  • Published
  • By Shawn Belk
  • Malmstrom Airman and Family Readiness Center

A key resource on your installation and a gateway for accessing all of the resources available to you, the Airman and Family Readiness Center provides information, support and services to help balance the demands of family and the military lifestyle. The AFRC is one part of the overall installation family support system, which is the network of agencies, programs, services, partnerships and individuals that support your personal and family life readiness, mobilization and deployment readiness, and mobility and economic readiness. The AFRC should be one of your first stops upon arriving at an installation; its programs and services will be an important resource for you and your family.

Deployment Support: Assists you and your family during all phases of the deployment cycle, providing workshops and services to help meet the challenges of deployment, as well as information and referral to deployment-related resources. Services include pre-deployment education briefings for deploying members and families; sustainment support services such as email connectivity, video phone and web camera connectivity, morale calls, applicable Air Force Aid Society programs such as "Give Parents a Break" and "Car Care Because We Care," and return/reunion/reintegration support.

Relocation Assistance: Provides an array services to meet you and your family's needs when experiencing a permanent change of station move. Services include, but are not limited to, various relocation workshops, for example buying or selling a home, to help you prepare for a move; access to Plan My Move and Military Installations Directory, web-based information systems that provide in-depth information on worldwide installations and communities; where offered, a loan closet for temporary loan of needed/basic household items while awaiting household goods; and assistance with in-transit emergencies. The center works with other base agencies to keep relocation information current, timely and relevant to allow you to make informed decisions to ensure you experience a smooth and successful move.

Personal Financial Management: Provides information, education and one-on-one financial counseling to assist members and families maintain financial readiness. Services are designed to address pertinent money management issues throughout an Air Force member's active-duty lifecycle and into retirement. Financial readiness educational opportunities range from basic spend planning to long-term investing.

Employment Assistance: The training and information provided can help identify and reach employment and career development goals, manage employment challenges associated with a mobile lifestyle and develop job search skills. Centers provide career planning classes, career counseling, local labor market information, employment trend tracking, skills and interests’ identification, job bank referrals, resources for self-employment and much more.

Family Life Education: Provides information and education about a variety of life cycle issues to assist in developing resilience skills that help in navigating a mobile military lifestyle. Includes parenting, healthy relationships and communication skills, among others, to help strengthen interpersonal competencies and social relationships.

Information and Referral: An integral function of the family center, information and referral services can assist in identifying and clarifying needs to determine appropriate forms of assistance and help locate needed services and programs available both on and off your installation, and national resources.

Transition Assistance: The Transition Assistance Program prepares separating, retiring and demobilizing service members (and their families) with information, skills and knowledge necessary for a successful transition from military to civilian life. The first step in the transition process is to complete the congressionally-mandated pre-separation counseling session, which furnishes detailed information on the various benefits and services available. Our center is staffed to provide personalized assistance for all your transition-related needs.

Family centers may also provide other services, such as counseling, family advocacy, fitness and recreation programs, and exceptional family member support.

For more information or questions, call the AFRC at 731-4900