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  • Becoming an Air Force paralegal

    Have you ever thought about a career in the legal field? Did you know that as an enlisted member you might be eligible to retrain into the paralegal career field? The Air Force paralegal career field has been in existence since May 1, 1955. Even before that date, paralegals played a very prominent role in the judge advocate general's department.
  • Winter blues

    Winter is a fun time for many reasons, including winter sports, hunting and the holidays. But, it also comes with its own stressors. Some of these stressors include conflicts with family or being unable to see them, opportunities to drink too much alcohol or eat too many cookies, getting sick, bad weather, the stresses of travel, or the urge to
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle: a cliché with meaning

    A brown recycling bin sits in the garage in the same spot each day, never being used. You think, “There’s no point. I’m only one person, what difference does it make?”Imagine a world where everyone thought the same – that one person can’t possibly make a difference. What would that world look like?Recycling and conserving has always been a passion
  • Our one-year tune-up: Marriage seminar teaches compassion by communicating

    I have heard various people say the first year of marriage is the hardest. My husband and I have been married for a little over a year, and it has not always been butterflies and rainbows.Through it all we have upheld our promise to keep God as the third strand in our marriage and to love one another through whatever life may throw at us.A friend
  • Ditch the shopping list: Cherish this holiday season

    For many people the holidays are the happiest times of the year. Families come together, sales are everywhere, houses are decorated to the nines and often it is the time when people are in a giving spirit.Unfortunately in the midst of all this holiday cheer, many department stores are now opening their doors Thanksgiving Day for Black Friday
  • Setting myself up for financial success

    Finances, one of those topics we tend to avoid in public situations. We cringe at the thought of someone ever seeing what we spend our money on. It’s a subject that brings about various fervid complications.Why? Why does money have to be a subject seen as taboo? From a young age we are taught it is rude to ask someone how much money they earn.It is
  • Moving Forward: 20th AF/CC outlines professional development initiatives

    Today, more than 11,000 “Sentinels” currently serving in 20th Air Force are following in the footsteps of our first commanders - Generals Henry H. “Hap” Arnold, Curtis E. LeMay and Nathan F. Twining - founding fathers of the United States Air Force and global strike innovators. For more than 55 years, the men and women who served in the ICBM
  • Paths of two Air Force women ‘firsts’ crossed over Great Falls

    An Army newspaper from Aug. 25, 1944, shows Pfc. Emma Jane Burrows Windham wearing a leather flying jacket, fire extinguisher in hand, and grinning near a B-17 bomber. "Windy," according to the article, earned her air crew status in June while with the 7th Ferrying Group at Gore Field in Great Falls, Montana. Windham is today considered the first
  • Why traffic stops during reveille and retreat

    As the drum roll of the national anthem began on base, my guests were puzzled when I stopped our conversation mid-sentence, turned toward the music and placed my right hand over my heart. We were outdoors. Nearby, traffic on Goddard Drive lurched to a halt.After the last note faded, I explained that this event occurs every day at 4:30 p.m. as the
  • Leadership and education – you can’t have one without the other

    Leaders are confident, respectful, consistent, involved and self-aware.  Interestingly, all Airmen should also be confident, respectful, consistent and self-aware. Therefore, all Airmen have the capacity for leadership. It sounds simple, right? Well, how do you get these characteristics? Through education! Education is the pursuit of knowledge.