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  • Backyard barbecue safety tips

    Seven out of every 10 adults in the U.S. have a grill or smoker, which leads to a lot of tasty meals. But it also means there’s an increased risk of home fires.In 2013-2017, fire departments went to an annual average of 10,200 home fires involving grills, hibachis or barbecues per year, including 4,500 structure fires and 5,700 outside or
  • Launching off to PCS

    Permanent change of station season is in full swing here at Malmstrom Air Force Base.If you happen to be one of the many who received a notification of orders and are preparing to leave the nest, here are a few things to think about.Orders are not permanent until you out-process from your losing unit. Always keep in the back of your mind that
  • Quick tips--your child and dental health

    February is National Children's Dental Health Month. Here are some quick tips on what you should be thinking about when it comes to your child and dental health.Many new parents may wonder, when should I start brushing my child's teeth? The answer is simple: as soon as teeth appear in the mouth!Then, it is imperative you teach good brushing and
  • Cautionary tale for the military move

    Recently, a highly lucrative scam involving fraudulent moving companies extorted nearly $2 million from numerous victims in the New Jersey area before federal law enforcement brought it to a screeching halt.The scam usually plays out as follows: a company gives a low ball figure for the cost of a move, contracts with the individual, then shows up
  • Do you know where your money really goes?

    Do you ever wonder where your money is going? What you're spending it on and why it's gone so fast? How much are you really paying? Have you ever added it up?We see the $1,000 flat screen television that we must have and we just buy it without a second thought. What about making responsible choices? How about saving each month and paying cash for
  • Past, present and future of the 490th

    I have been to Washington, D.C. for a vacation, a competition and a recent reunion for the 490th Bomber Squadron. I am 26-years-old and I am stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base for the 341st Missile Wing. I work as a deputy missile combat crew commander for the 490th Missile Squadron, and my job is to supervise and maintain nuclear surety and
  • Applications for spouse CNA certification program available Feb. 1-24

    Active duty Air Force military spouses can obtain Certified Nursing Assistant certification through the 2019 Spouse Employment Program. Applications will be available starting Feb. 1 at the Airman and Family Readiness Center, Bldg. 800. Applications must be returned to AFRC by Feb. 25.
  • My experience with Project Semicolon

    As I was preparing to write an article about suicide prevention, my supervisor came back from the holiday weekend and showed me a new tattoo.It was a semicolon. Yes, the punctuation.I asked her why a semicolon? I have a few tattoos myself, but I didn't understand why she would get that.She told me, "to Google project semicolon." So I did.It turns
  • Airman alert: renters insurance

    Most people will at some point in their lives experience loss or damage to personal property caused by a fire, theft or flooding event. This is where having renters insurance can help you out.
  • Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates history and culture

    The United States military has a remarkable history of Hispanic men and women who have served eagerly and proudly to defend our nation and its people.