Resident Advocate is ‘boots on the ground’ in Malmstrom’s privatized housing community

  • Published
  • By Michael Ammons
  • 341st Missile Wing Privatized Housing Resident Advocate

The Air Force recently implemented a number of initiatives directed to address significant concerns regarding safety, security, and health of military members and their families living in privatized housing on military installations. As part of these sweeping changes, the Privatized Housing Resident Advocate was created to help assist on-base residents with concerns and to keep the installation commander informed with issues and trends within housing.

The Resident Advocate acts as the liaison between privatized housing residents, military housing authorities, and the Privatized Housing project owner for issues pertaining to privatized housing resident’s rights and advocacy. The RA takes a proactive approach to ensure military members’ and their families’ concerns with privatized housing are addressed and elevated to the appropriate levels within the chain of command.     

Though I report directly to the Wing Commander and keep leadership apprised of housing concerns and issues, I advocate for the resident and bring key players together to ensure that resident concerns and issues are not just being heard, but that they are addressed and resolved at the lowest level possible.

Most of my interactions have involved helping residents understand and navigate the established dispute resolution process. The private owner, Malmstrom AFB Homes, must be given every opportunity to correct a resident’s concern or issue in a timely manner. When that is not resolved, Malmstrom’s Military Housing Office should be their next call to help with resolution. 

While there is a process for dispute resolution, I want Airmen and families to know I am available anytime to discuss their situation in detail.  I am here to listen to the concerns, issues and frustrations they have experienced in privatized housing. I work with them to develop a pathway to permit the established processes to work and engage when all other avenues have been exhausted.   

Residents can also have a voice in the housing process by getting involved in the Housing Resident Council that is held on base at least quarterly. Chaired by the Wing Commander, this council is an opportunity for Community Representatives and housing residents to meet with key leadership about privatized housing matters. They not only discuss concerns and issues but also offer meaningful suggestions and ideas that would improve the overall quality of life and be a place where military families desire to live. 

To learn more about the Resident Advocate, Resident Council, or how to become a representative in your housing community, please contact me at DSN 632-1477 or Commercial (406) 731-1477, or email questions directly to My office is located at 7218 Goddard Drive (Bldg. 770, Rm. 20).