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  • AFRC, here to help spouses integrate

    It’s no secret that the military can ask a lot from service members as well as their families.It is not uncommon for a military family to experience a permanent change of station, a temporary duty assignment or even a deployment during an Airman’s time in service. Airmen are trained and equipped with the proper resources to handle what can be a
  • Airman ensures critical communication

    Less than 500 feet from the weapons storage area, a location where reentry systems and reentry vehicles for intercontinental ballistic missiles are stored, Airmen are posted to ensure constant communication between security forces and maintenance is flawlessly executed.One Airman in particular, Senior Airman Jasmine Helm-Lucas, 341st Munitions
  • Shooting for firearm safety

    It is important as a firearm owner to be responsible and safe in the storage, transportation, and use of personally owned firearms.There are many variables that affect the safety needs of gun owners such as lifestyle, environment, legal requirements, financial limitations and personal preference, however, Senior Airman Tyler Merrill, 341st Security
  • Endless battle of invisible wounds

    Imagine living through a terrible tragedy and then being forced to relive that tragedy each day. This fear, frustration and stress are what Airmen with post-traumatic stress disorder deal with on a daily basis.Jean Irvin, a Recovery Care Coordinator at Malmstrom Air Force Base, makes it her sole purpose to help heal Airmen with these invisible
  • Equal opportunity for all

    Those who serve in the military come from a wide range of ethnic, religious and social backgrounds. The military relies on this diversity to bring new processes and ideas to the fight in order to enhance mission capabilities and efficiency.The focus on abilities rather than background is also designed to create a culture where recruitment,
  • Recognizing the efforts of a civil servant

    Public Service Recognition week is celebrated the first week of May to honor those serving our country in a federal, state, county and local government capacity.One former Airman who dedicated 29 years to the Air Force before retiring as a chief, continues to show sincere interest and care in his people as a civil servant.“I want to see them
  • Food service workers make kids priority

    Month of the Military Child is celebrated every year in April, but oftentimes we fail to realize what food service workers provide behind the scenes for children.“We play an important role in the lives of the kids at the Child Development Center and the Youth Center,” said Yasmine Redmond, 341st Force Support Squadron food service worker. Judith
  • Living life debt free

    According to www.nbcnews.com, military members carry a higher debt than civilians, but for one military spouse and her family they were able to pay off a total of $253,000 in debt in six years.“We got married in 2009 with $253,000 of debt in our name,” said Ellen Prescott, family child care provider and wife to Tech. Sgt. Bennie Prescott. “After we
  • Chaplains building connections

    Malmstrom chaplains strive to continuously visit the missile cops, chefs, facility managers and capsule crews who post out to the missile alert facility.“Our goal is to hit all 15 MAFs once a month,” said Chaplain (Capt.) Deborah Hughley, 341st Missile Wing chaplain. “Once a month I spend a night at a different MAF.”Hughley says, visiting the MAFs
  • Providing support through child care

    January 23, President Trump signed a hiring freeze on government jobs, thus preventing child development centers across the Department of Defense from accepting new enrollments. This has made PCSing military families search for child care even more complicated. While some programs are affected by the hiring freeze the Family Child Care Program is