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  • Castaway Airman helped map the world

    A sandy white beach. Swaying palm trees. Cocktails made from coconut juice.When frigid air and snow storms whip across central Montana, Airmen here may dream of trading their ‘home on the range’ for an exotic Pacific paradise.But they might want to think again, according to Bob Cunningham, a former Air Force radar operator whose first duty station
  • COMSEC, maintaining accountability and control

    Managing communications security can be critical to maintaining safe, secure and effective operations.COMSEC management can be comprised of several tasks including maintaining accountability of classified materials and administering training to missileers on the proper handling of sensitive documents and information.For Kevin Younkin, 341st
  • Changing lives, one smile at a time

    When the word dental comes up people typically think of teeth cleaning and cavity filling, but there is much more to it than that. Aside from the dental clinic, the dental laboratory is where dental technicians like Staff Sgt. Khody Morgan, 341st Medical Operations Squadron dental laboratory technician, assist in general dentistry. “As a dental
  • Airman upholds honor guard tradition

    Most people can’t imagine having to present a folded American flag to a grieving family member as a symbol of appreciation on behalf of the president of the United States, the U.S. Air Force and a grateful nation when a service member or veteran passes.Few Airmen will ever experience consoling a next of kin; thanking them for their loved one’s
  • Treads across Montana: Tire shop keeps mission moving

    On average, members of the base have driven over 2 million miles this year.“It is very important to keep up with the tires on vehicles,” said Staff Sgt. Benjamin Fisher, 341st Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle maintenance journeyman.At the base tire shop, where government vehicles are worked on, Fisher and his team of four can get pretty
  • AF officer strives to make local community a better place

    Some Airmen only wear one suit -- they have one job and are comfortable doing it their entire careers.1st Lt. Anthony Perkins, a 490th Missile Squadron intercontinental ballistic missile combat crew commander, however, wears three different suits.By day, he wears his U.S. Air Force flight suit as an ICBM missileer. He helps maintain the nation’s
  • Civilian teammate provides outstanding customer service

    For John Dresel, 341st Medical Operations Squadron optometry technician, Malmstrom Air Force Base has always been considered home.“Great Falls is my hometown,” said Dresel. “I was also stationed here twice during my time in service.”Dresel retired at the rank of master sergeant as an independent duty medical technician assigned to the 819th RED