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  • Mental health strengthens whole Airman concept

    Located toward the back of the 341st Medical Group clinic is a discreet, private office with blinds hanging from the door’s window for patient comfortability and privacy. This location is mental health and the Airmen there are ready to assist individuals with finding the help they need.Senior Airman Ricardo Batista, 341st Medical Operations
  • Going postal for customer service

    Sharon McCrea, Malmstrom Air Force Base postmaster, has wanted to be a postal worker since she was a child. “I have always admired postal workers since I learned about the Pony Express,” said McCrea, originally from Billings, Montana. “It intrigued me how these men were able to deliver mail on horseback across the country.”McCrea began her first
  • A look inside Airman leadership school

    The Malmstrom Airman Leadership School focuses on developing future Air Force supervisors.ALS instructors accomplish this goal by administering Air Force curriculum as well as fostering camaraderie and wingmanship among the students over the course of six weeks.Students eligible to attend ALS vary from base to base depending on space availability
  • Electrical shop conserves base energy

    Multiple job taskers fill a white erase board hanging on a wall in an office at the electrical shop. More than 15 white magnets with black letters describe the job and its current status as the Airmen prepare for the day ahead of them.Every morning starts with a meeting. A meeting designating who will work where and who will do what. The Airmen
  • Emergency management keeps base prepared

    In times of crises, the base has standards and procedures to respond to an immediate emergency. To assist in preparing the base, the 341st Civil Engineer Squadron’s readiness and emergency management flight provides training and maintains communication with other agencies on base to ensure Malmstrom continues to be a safe, secure and effective
  • Power production maintains alert operations

    Malmstrom Airmen are responsible for 150 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles spread across a 13,800 square mile missile complex scattered throughout Montana.To ensure all 150 missiles are on 24-hour alert, Airmen from the power production shop must maintain emergency generators to instantly supply backup power to all of the launch
  • Competition inspires teamwork

    Three teams of three individuals competed in the Warrior Chef Competition Feb. 24 at the Grizzly Bend for the title of “Top Chef.”Competitors were given 90 minutes to prepare dishes from scratch with ingredients commonly found at missile alert facilities, as well as habaneros which were the added secret ingredient revealed at the start of the
  • PRAP clinic; taking care of business

    The 341st Medical Operations Squadron personnel reliability assurance program clinic, which handles medical care for Airmen required to comply with the personnel reliability program, has recently undergone changes to better provide the critical care field-deployable Airmen need.The mission of the PRAP clinic is to ensure nuclear field Airmen are
  • Maintenance Airmen ensure mission success

    In a back shop about the size of a master bedroom, Airmen from the missile maintenance team inspect and sort tools for the upcoming shift of maintainers ready to deploy to the missile field.To ensure mission success, Airmen in the MMT tool room provide 100 percent accountability for more than 1,000 tools each maintenance team needs while working on
  • Motivation: one Airman’s key to success

    Born and raised in West Africa, one Airman spent 20 years of his life there before coming to the United States.“I had a good childhood growing up on the Ivory Coast,” said Airman 1st Class Tayorau Kablan, 341st Medical Support Squadron outpatient records technician. “We were not rich, but my mom made sure my siblings and I had everything we