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  • Make the most of your money

    Do you have a financial plan or a budget?Financial planning can benefit anyone whether they want to get the most out of each paycheck, save for the future, plan for a major life event or career transition.The Airman and Family Readiness Center at Malmstrom offers personal financial counseling for anyone with base access.“I can assist with anything
  • Nuclear maintenance Airmen: safe, secure, effective

    The 341st Missile Maintenance Squadron maintains the immediate launch readiness of 150 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles and 15 missile alert facilities spread over a 13,800-square mile missile complex throughout Montana. They replace limited life components, remove and replace missiles, reentry systems and guidance sets, repair
  • Vehicle licensing ensures Airmen safety

    Airmen from the 341st Logistics Readiness Squadron are responsible for supporting vehicle and transportation needs for the wing and its 13,800-square mile missile complex.The squadron consists of the vehicle operations flight, vehicle management flight, transportation management flight, installation readiness flight and the material management
  • Best foot forward

    From being one of three freshmen at the Air Force Academy to open the volleyball season in the starting line-up to becoming the first Air Force player since 2010 to be named Mountain West Player of the Week, one lieutenant has always gone for what she wants.For 2nd Lt. Taylor Parker, 10th Missile Squadron missileer, her journey began a week after
  • Meet the new 341st MW command chief

    After 19 years traveling around the world from Kentucky to Texas and Germany, one Airman has finally made her way to Montana to serve as the new command chief at Malmstrom.Chief Master Sgt. Amber Mitchell has taken the reigns and is excited to bring her experiences, personality and goals to all of Team Malmstrom.“I’ve served in the Air Force for 19
  • Moulaging to educate

    For one Airman at Malmstrom, her passion for moulage began when she was placed in the position to teach medical training. “I felt it had become routine for medics and other base personnel to simulate most situations and treatments of injuries,” said Tech. Sgt. Laura Pelkey, 341st Medical Operations Squadron family health flight chief. “I thought if
  • AFRC, here to help spouses integrate

    It’s no secret that the military can ask a lot from service members as well as their families.It is not uncommon for a military family to experience a permanent change of station, a temporary duty assignment or even a deployment during an Airman’s time in service. Airmen are trained and equipped with the proper resources to handle what can be a
  • Airman ensures critical communication

    Less than 500 feet from the weapons storage area, a location where reentry systems and reentry vehicles for intercontinental ballistic missiles are stored, Airmen are posted to ensure constant communication between security forces and maintenance is flawlessly executed.One Airman in particular, Senior Airman Jasmine Helm-Lucas, 341st Munitions
  • Shooting for firearm safety

    It is important as a firearm owner to be responsible and safe in the storage, transportation, and use of personally owned firearms.There are many variables that affect the safety needs of gun owners such as lifestyle, environment, legal requirements, financial limitations and personal preference, however, Senior Airman Tyler Merrill, 341st Security
  • Endless battle of invisible wounds

    Imagine living through a terrible tragedy and then being forced to relive that tragedy each day. This fear, frustration and stress are what Airmen with post-traumatic stress disorder deal with on a daily basis.Jean Irvin, a Recovery Care Coordinator at Malmstrom Air Force Base, makes it her sole purpose to help heal Airmen with these invisible