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  • A whole new person: Texas civilian drops 115 pounds with help from HAWC

    Diana Harmon was startled awake by her cat standing on her chest, pawing at her face. The cat was trying to get Ms. Harmon to breathe. Weighing 270 pounds she suffered from sleep apnea and not wanting to use a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine, she sought alternative means. She went to the Brooks Health and Wellness Center for
  • Leading by example: Year of exceptional accomplishments culminates with AF-level award

    Capt. Johnathan Bennett, 741st Missile Security Forces Squadron operations officer, has been serving in the Air Force as a security forces member for more than 16 years; 10 of them as an enlisted member. This is his third tour at Malmstrom. He first arrived straight out of basic training and came back again as a senior airman. This time, he's been
  • Meet the new command chief: Former BMT superintendent trades in felt hat for star on sleeve

    Chief Master Sgt. Steve Sargent, Malmstrom's new command chief, is quickly making the transition from Basic Military Training superintendent at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, to the Space and Missile mission here at Malmstrom. "This is a great assignment," Chief Sargent said. "It has a great mission with great people at a great location. We're
  • 6,000 mile road trip

    Every motorcyclist looks forward to hitting the road, whether for the commute to work, or in my case, a 2-week vacation to visit family in Maine. I knew the 6,000-mile round trip from Arizona and back would be a road trip of a whole different magnitude; especially solo. I planned my route, keeping to the interstate highway system. Following is some
  • Engineers take teamwork to new level of excellence

    When it comes to "gettin' 'R done," there's none better than the 819th RED HORSE Squadron. They proved again they can knock out a job ahead of schedule while saving money and doing more than was required in the process. Thirty-six members of the 819th RED HORSE Squadron deployed to Naco, Ariz., Jan. 27 to March 9 to repair a 1.7 kilometer stretch
  • Women's History Month: A look at Malmstrom's female leaders

    As March is Women's History Month you may have noticed posters around base, read articles in the base paper, or attended a movie night discussing famous women in history. These women have laid an important foundation on which today's women build their successes. They are role models; women to emulate. As Women's History Month comes to a close, it
  • Vehicle maintainers keep the fleet rolling

    The 341st Logistics Readiness Squadron's Vehicle Maintenance Section is responsible for 780 vehicles at Malmstrom. That is a $3.8 million fleet - and a massive responsibility. Vehicle maintenance is also responsible for a more valuable asset - the people operating those 780 vehicles. "Our job is important because when we're working on our vehicles
  • Look what's cookin'

    Start with a tray containing all the necessary ingredients. Add in the needed utensils. Then mix them all with six energetic children and you have the recipe for a 4-H cooking class at the Youth Center. That's what took place March 7 when the children tried their hands at making Native American Slapjacks. Each child took their turn adding an
  • Senior NCO, wife extend helping hand to complete strangers

    Out for an evening of relaxation last summer afforded Master Sgt. Darrell Stegman and his wife, Debra, the chance to pay it forward. While in a local venue listening to a band, Mrs. Stegman overheard a woman talking about her new set of twins and showing off recent photos of them. Having a natural affinity towards babies, she asked to see the
  • Keystone Club members unite for 'Stay Connected' project

    "The items in each deployment kit come in pairs - one for the parent and one for the child," Mr. Myers says in his letter. "We hope each of you will use these items daily to think about each other during the deployment and to 'Stay Connected' until the military member returns home." Also included in each kit are:  two journals  two recorder pens