Adding a new twist to a working luncheon: Security Forces members showcase their skills

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Dillon White
  • 341st Space Wing Public Affairs Office
Nearly 70 guests are sitting in a dining room adjacent to a stage covered in camouflage and weaponry. The guests are surprised when a narcotics dog and his military working-dog handler enter the room to search for narcotics. What they do not see is a 341st Security Forces Group Tactical Response Force leader lying in wait on the floor of the stage who took position approximately 30 minutes before guests started arriving. 

The German shepherd finds 20 grams of hidden marijuana under a guest's chair and the military working-dog handler introduces himself as Senior Airman Andre Rodriguez, who continued to explain his role in maintaining security at Malmstrom. 

Montana Air National Guard and Malmstrom leadership held a luncheon at the Grizzly Bend Club Sept. 12 to enhance their working relationship and build functional bridges between their leadership. 

The two wing commanders wanted a luncheon that had a "show and tell" type of experience, said Col. Jennifer Dalrymple, 341st Space Wing senior Reserve component advisor to the commander. 

This luncheon was the first of several luncheons the two wings plan to hold at each other's installations, Colonel Dalrymple said. 

"For the Malmstrom-hosted events, we will highlight a different group and ability we have that the MANG may not," she said. "The security forces group happened to volunteer to set up a demonstration for the first [luncheon]." 

Colonel Dalrymple believes MANG leadership perceived the live-action demonstrations as more lively and interesting, rather than a slideshow or speaker. 

The demonstrations included members from the 741st and 341st Missile Security Forces Squadron, 341st Security Forces Squadron, 341st SFG TRF and 341st Security Support Squadron. 

The volunteers explained their missions and were approached by leadership following the demonstrations with questions, which gave them the chance to further showcase their skills and abilities, said Capt. Ralph Alvord, 341st SFS operations officer. 

"It was extremely successful; most people believe security forces Airmen only ride around in patrol cars, enforce speed limits and issue tickets," Captain Alvord said. "This could not be further from the truth. We have a diverse mission across a wide spectrum, from simple community policing to air-base defense, which is designed to detect, delay and deny the enemy access to our resources as far away from the resource as possible. Our presentation highlighted our diverse capabilities here at Malmstrom." 

The 341st SSPTS supplied weapons and equipment and the 341st SFG TRF provided a briefer and set up a defensive fighting position on stage to enhance the security forces theme, Captain Alvord said. 

After the different groups explained their missions and jobs to both wing's leadership, Staff Sgt. Jason Johnston, 341st SFG TRF team leader and sniper, rose from hiding under a blanket of camouflage on the stage. 

"I could hear a few people ask 'where did he come from?'," Captain Alvord said. 

Sergeant Johnston explained his role as a 341st SFG TRF member and described the capabilities of his M-24 rifle to the crowd to conclude the demonstrations. 

The 341st SFG volunteers then returned to the stage for a round of applause and guests were encouraged to come forward to meet the security forces Airmen and handle some of the weapons on display, including an M-240 machine gun, an M-60 machine gun and an M-4 rifle.