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  • Why we remember

    When most people think of the Holocaust, they think of the event in its entirety.  A vast number of people, mostly Jews, were murdered as a result of what Adolf Hitler pretentiously called the "final solution." It is naïve to think that this statement is all there is to the Holocaust, as some people do. Some even deny that it took place. Broken
  • Four keys to an AF mission

    When we all complete basic military training, technical training schools, Officer Training School, ROTC or the Military Academies, we gained some understanding of what the Air Force and the Department of Defense are looking for in us as individuals.  We hear it in different forms, but usually it can be boiled down to a mantra touted by an awesome
  • Preventing sexual assault in the Air Force is our enduring responsibility

    As we begin Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, clear signs point to the progress we have made in combating sexual assault. We can cite encouraging numbers in the areas of prevalence, reporting and convictions; however, this serves as only the beginning of an enduring effort. This effort must continue without pause and we must not lose
  • Earth Day turns 45 this year

    Earth Day will turn 45 years old this year, and the theme for this year's celebration is "It's Our Turn to Lead."  Earth Day is being celebrated in a number of ways, but some of the most important are the Global Day of Conversation and Climate Education Week.Global Day of Conversation is an attempt to engage local leaders and elected officials to
  • How Little League prepared me for the Air Force

    I believe that there are two seasons - winter and baseball.  For the past few years, I've been coaching Little League and the experience reminded me that baseball teaches us much more than pitching, hitting and catching...it imparts lessons that apply to life in and out of the Air Force.You have to master the fundamentals.   You won't improve if
  • Military children: Heroes for the future

    Every April, military children have reason to celebrate - it's the Month of the Military Child.In 1986, Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger designated April as Month of the Military Child as a way to honor military children for their sacrifice and courage.  For the last 29 years, military installations, organizations and communities have created
  • Practice personal safety, security

    With more information than ever available in the public realm, everyone has the responsibility to safeguard sensitive information, both on the job and at home. Information that may seem harmless by itself can be pieced together with other information to form a more complete and sometimes harmful picture by our adversaries.There are a few steps
  • Celebrating Women's History Month

    Many can easily identify who our first president was, who the first man on the moon was and even who the first African-American U.S. Supreme Court justice was.  Most of the commonly known milestone achievements are recognized to be accomplished by men, but what many are unaware of is that women have been making breakthroughs in history for over 300
  • Taking care of those things that really matter

    Every day I am faced with challenges I must conquer and decisions I must make.  These can and will happen in every area of our lives; at home and at work.  Often these challenges will add pressures to my life that I have to deal with.  When this happens it is vital I take care of the things that really matter.  These are the things at my core that
  • Micromanagement vs. micro-information

    A leadership concern I've heard throughout my career is that bosses can be "micromanagers."  I understand the concern and have wrestled with it myself.  I wonder, however, if at some point leaders who are responsible for a mission, objective or task have an inherent right (I did not say "necessity") to make any decision or know about any resource,