5/6 Alliance: Developing Airmen to improve Malmstrom

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Amanda Buck
  • 5/6 Alliance Public Affairs Representative
The 5/6 Alliance is a private organization open to all senior airmen who have completed Airman leadership school, staff sergeants to include selects, and technical sergeants assigned to Malmstrom.

Our goal is to better the community relations on and off base, to be mentors and role models for our younger Airmen; as well as maintain an open networking center to meet fellow NCOs and gain from each other's experiences.

Attendees at our monthly meetings can expect to gain information on other organizations around base as well as current volunteer opportunities within the wing.

In addition to those great pieces of information, every meeting ends with a "mentorship grenade."

According to Master Sgt. Eric Greene, Top-3 Leadership Committee, "The collective of each 5/6 Alliance meeting consists of a wide variety of (Air Force specialties), experience and mentorship. The idea behind the 'mentorship grenade' is to throw out an opinionated topic where people can discuss their views and perspective on the subject in an open and non-threatening forum and learn from one another."

Along with monthly meetings, the 5/6 Alliance is responsible for the Airmen Mentorship Committee, designed to mentor and support the Airmen across the wing.

Every quarter the 5/6 Alliance hosts speed mentoring, bullet writing, and BTZ and Beyond courses. All classes are open to senior airman and below. These educational classes help prepare Airmen during the beginning stages of their careers and ultimately teach them how to have success in the future.

Every year the 5/6 Alliance also hosts the wing staff and technical sergeants promotion release parties. In order to support the mentorship events, host the release parties, and donate to various base and community organizations, fundraising is accomplished by the 5/6 organization members. Events like present wrapping at the Base Exchange and Valentine's Day baskets delivered all over base allow enough funds to be raised to help support the activities the 5/6 Alliance promotes throughout the year.

Since taking office in November 2014, the new council has seen membership increase to 140 active members across the wing. With more than 800 NCOs assigned on base, the council hopes to see growth and continually gain more active members at every 5/6 meeting.

Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at noon in the back room at the bowling center with pizza provided. Be sure to attend the next meeting scheduled for July 2 and as always bring another NCO with you!