Tactical response force enhances weapon skills

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Daniel Brosam
  • 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs
The 341st Security Support Squadron tactical response force at Malmstrom is responsible for preventing and denying the capture of the base’s nuclear assets that are scattered throughout its 13,800 square-mile missile complex.

TRF Airmen take on positions as assaulters, breachers or nuclear advanced designated marksmen and undergo advanced specialty training for their specific roles.

“It’s important to train as much as we do every day so we can maintain our high standards,” said Senior Airman Richard Corpus-Munoz, 341st SSPTS TRF NADM flight trainer.

Assaulters are fire-team members used for quick reaction, providing 24/7 year-round denial, and recapture and recovery capabilities.

Breachers implement explosive, ballistic, thermal and mechanical breaching techniques to establish dynamic access points and aggressive room entry.

NADM maintain expertise in marksmanship and leverage long-range rifle fire and enhanced observation to increase security forces group defenses.

In order to ensure these Airmen are always ready, they train consistently by firing a M249 light machine gun, M24 sniper rifle, M4 carbine and M9 pistol.

“If you’re not proficient on the weapon, you can’t provide accurate fire if you need to utilize the weapon in the field,” said Staff Sgt. Kyle Phillips, 341st SSPTS combat arms instructor. “It’s always important to be proficient on these weapon systems so you can protect yourself, your comrades and the resources of the United States.”

These Airmen must also undergo quarterly, semiannual and annual qualification tests on these weapons to maintain their expertise.

Corpus-Munoz said it is important for their teams to stay properly trained and qualified to ensure the nation’s defense and to remain a credible and lethal force.

“We have to be accurate,” Corpus-Munoz said. “Staying qualified on our weapon systems ensures that our accuracy, speed and know-how of the weapon is always above par.”