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  • Deliberately reflecting on human dignity as a spiritual activity

    Respecting human dignity is critical. It can, at times, be elusive. Each individual, and each generation collectively, must come to terms with the idea, the responsibility, and the determination to make it part of their (and collectively "its") internal make-up and part of a core inner-principle from which external actions are driven (both the
  • Images that last

    The year was 1944 and the family of 7-year-old Antonio Cellini was not doing very well. The German troops that had occupied Antonio's hometown near Altuzzo, Italy, for the past two years had been especially brutal lately - more so, since the Allies had finally broken the stalemated beachheads near Nettuno and Anzio, and were on the move north,
  • The other side of leading

    Reams of good advice have been written on effective leadership principles (by far worthier authors than myself). One critical aspect of leading a diverse set of individuals is often overlooked - the part where you as a leader make a concerted attempt to thoroughly know your folks. Supervisors often get caught up in the myriad of mission-essential
  • 40th HS/CC shares his recipe for success

    With more than 125,000 accident-free hours of helicopter operations, many have asked, "how do you do it?" The 40th Helicopter Squadron has been proudly and faithfully serving the members of Team Malmstrom for more than 40 years. The 40th HS is one of only four active-duty helicopter units in Air Force Space Command and the most diverse of its kind
  • Positive attitude makes a difference

    Sitting down to think about what I should write in this article, I found myself asking what I could possibly write that might make a difference in someone's daily life? Next, I asked myself what I thought actually does make a difference, and I found a great answer in a quote by long time college football coach. Coach Lou Holtz once said, "Ability
  • Summer is bittersweet time

    The arrival of summer, normally a joyous time identified with nicer weather, the end of school and family vacations, is also a bittersweet time for Air Force members. Bitter-sweet because it signals the arrival of another "season," one unique to the military: the PCS season. I was reminded of this the other day when, driving up Gumwood, I watched
  • Dorm dwellers rejoice

    Ahhhhh . . . the good ol' days! How many times have we heard that? Fortunately, time has a way of making the old times seem much better than they actually were. But let's consider some of the things people reminisce about, like barracks life -- nope, they weren't "dormitories" in my day. Young men assigned to Great Falls Air Force Base in 1942 were
  • Messages of Hope

    Hope is something important -- something special. Sometimes I see it abundantly in people I meet. Sometimes it is sparse. But I know it exists and it is available. Tonight, I write from a missile alert facility. As I visited with folks here, I began to see and hear things that were hopeful and attitudes that were conducive to community. This night
  • Pedestrians, drivers need to co-exist

    We are enjoying nicer weather now which means there will be more people walking around and more children out and about so it is imperative everyone is thinking not only safety, but common courtesy. Give yourself enough time to get where you want to go without having to hurry. Plan ahead, and be prepared. Driving, whether on the highway or in town,