Malmstrom in ‘spring training’ for upcoming NSI/CI in June

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. James Baxter
  • 341st Logistics Readiness Squadron commander
Every year, the boys of summer travel to the deserts of Arizona or the tropical confines of Florida to begin the long journey which, for one team, will end as World Series champion in October. This is the yearly process of spring training. It is a wonderful time because every team is optimistic and has visions of playing in the fall classic. I believe the 341st Space Wing finds itself in a similar situation as we look to the upcoming Nuclear Surety Inspection/Compliance Insepction. 

Now is the time for us to break out those checklists and knock the rust off of our programs and get them into "World Series" condition. Just like in spring training, the veteran players come in and try to regain their swings or maintain their pitches which carried them through the season before. The rookies show up with eager anticipation and learn from the veterans about what it takes to be a big leaguer. 

I, for one, believe in the short nine months I have been here, there is no doubt the 341st is a World Series-caliber team. We proved that during the Missile Standardization, Evaluation and Training inspection, during various high-ranking dignitary visits, and by the numerous awards that seem to be announced weekly. 

Every team in the majors needs to go through spring training and get through the season before they can win the World Series. This is the hard part. We are getting ready for June by exercising, reaccomplishing our self-inspection checklists, inspecting vehicles and training records, and taking a hard look at our processes to reinforce we do things right. If we put the hard work in now, it will only show how ready we are whenever any inspection team comes to town. 

I've seen the pride and confidence in the eyes of the people in my squadron and I know it is in the eyes of everyone here on base. We have become the go-to wing within space command. Now it is time to strive for more. We want to become the go-to wing in the Air Force. 

So when the IG or whomever comes to town, you can look at them like a batter looks at a pitcher with a 2-0 count. You know he has got to groove that fastball right across the fat part of the plate. The only remaining question is how far are you going to hit it? 

From what I have seen in my time here at Malmstrom, there in no ball park that can contain this potent lineup. 

"Batter up" and let's play some ball!