From sandy beaches to rocky mountains

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Jacob M. Thompson
  • 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs
Growing up more than 3,000 miles away on the beaches of Puerto Rico, Airman Yolinette Frontany Sanchez, 341st Force Support Squadron food service apprentice, never imagined herself living in cold, land-locked Montana.

After living in Puerto Rico for eight years, Frontany Sanchez moved to Spring Hill, Florida, a town near Tampa. While in Florida, she grew more accustomed to U.S. culture and language, but still felt close to her home in Puerto Rico.

“I loved the culture of Florida,” said Frontany Sanchez, “There’s a prominent Hispanic culture, so the food and the people reminded me a little bit of Puerto Rico. And as a big family person, having my family close by was great.”

While in high school, she planned on pursuing a medical degree and even worked as a certified nursing assistant. But when she heard about the Air Force and the opportunities it presented, she changed her course.

“I joined the Air Force for education,” she said. “I like trying new things and challenges, as well as traveling and meeting new people.”

Her Air Force journey has taken her to Malmstrom Air Force Base, where she works in services at the dining facility.

“My favorite part about working at the dining facility is the people,” she said. “I meet a lot of new people and as coworkers, we really get to bond and become a family together.”

As a food service apprentice, Frontany Sanchez is responsible for providing food facility support, which helps keep the mission moving.

“Our job is important because everybody has to eat,” she said. “And it’s hard for a lot of Airmen, being away from home and their families and holidays, so it’s a very important place to come to when you don’t have anybody. Even something as small as food can be motivating and every little detail in how we make our food, with pride and excellence, is important.”

Although she has only been on base for a few months, that hasn’t stopped Frontany Sanchez from making an impression on her coworkers.

“She has been here only a few months and she has really impressed us all,” said Staff Sgt. Daniel Csiti, 341st FSS food service journeyman. “She shows a willingness to help anywhere and brings a lot of positive energy to our team.”

While in the Air Force, Frontany Sanchez is striving to continue her dreams of entering the medical field by earning a master’s degree and eventually, one day, retiring from the Air Force.

“I do this for my family because I want to make them proud, she said.

“I want to be an example for my brothers and show them that I can do it,” she continued. “I have a long way to go but little by little, I know I got this.”