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  • Tactical Response Force earns professional team award

    Light. Lean. Lethal. Fast. These four simple words capture the spirit and intent of Malmstrom's Tactical Response Force. Recently named the 341st Space Wing's 2005 Team of the Year, the 741st Missile Security Forces Squadron Tactical Response Force broke new ground for 20th Air Force, developing tactical response force initial operations capability
  • Sage of the Saddle Club

    As I turn onto the dirt road of the saddle club, the uneven rumble of tires on gravel comes to me like the familiar sound of an old friend's voice. I round the first row of neat, red and white barns and see the old cowboy sitting on a wooden plank bench, his back resting against a rail of lodge-pole fence. His felt hat sits a a jaunty angle on his
  • Showcase of AF Talent

    I told them at the last show all that was missing was the popcorn," she said laughingly as she held up a container of the requested snack. "I guess they must have listened to me." Those were the sentiments of one very proud parent in the audience at the Tops in Blue performance Sunday. Walt and Barbara Czepiga traveled from Lawrenceville, N.J., to