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  • Social media in the Air Force: A blessing and a curse

    According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder, on Sept. 14, 2012, Facebook hit one billion users. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, the list of social media networks is never-ending.While many Airmen rely on social networking sites to communicate to family and friends back home, some may be unaware of the potential security risks and
  • Fundraising do's and don't

    The fundraising email read, "By buying a Belgian waffle, you can save the killer whales." I was excited to see two things I absolutely love - Belgian waffles and killer whales. However, reading this created a difficult conundrum for me. I really wanted to eat the Belgian waffles, but I knew the fundraiser rules were currently being ignored because
  • Work-life balance

    It's a weekday, Wednesday to be precise, just a tick past 8:30 a.m. I should be at my desk, in a meeting,or out visiting Airmen in one of the many organizations on base, but I'm not. Instead I'm seated in a bus filled with Airmen outfitted in brightly colored snow gear. The sounds of their excited chatter have long since settled into the quiet din
  • The importance of constant learning

    "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail."- Abraham MaslowA person learns many new things throughout their daily experiences and interactions; however, most of this information merely is stowed away becoming wasted knowledge. For a person to truly grow, they must allow themselves to reflect on these
  • Wanted: More men like Mike

    I have a recruiting advertisement hanging on my office wall with large, bold print, stating, "WANTED...More Men Like Mike!" With artist's pictures and captions, the advertisement outlines "Mike's" military life from high school to the end of his first enlistment. At the bottom of the page it reads, "The young man of today who wants to get ahead can
  • Is it "Soda" or "Pop"?

    What do you call a syrupy, carbonated beverage? Depending on what part of the country you are from, you may call it pop, soda or coke. Why is that? We are all individuals with unique backgrounds, varying cultures and life experiences. These foundations in concert with your interactions with others and decisions you have made, has molded you into
  • In brightest day, in blackest night

    June 22, 2012, was a good day for me. I took command of the 341st Logistics Readiness Squadron. An opportunity that is not given to you easily but earned because during the course of your career, you have proven to have the qualities to take care of people and get the mission done. When I was told I was coming to Malmstrom to command there was a
  • Family matters: Winning the 'war' within

    For months I have been pondering on what topic to write about; a meaningful message for all ranks that they could walk away with. On Dec. 8, I was sitting in the wing conference room with the Malmstrom Air Force Base leadership team and we watched a movie entitled "The Invisible War." As I sat there, disgusted by what I was seeing, I realized what
  • To the Nuclear Airmen of Malmstrom

    It's almost surreal. If someone had told me when I was a boy that I'd get to serve in the U.S. Air Force, I wouldn't have believed them. If they had told me I would command a wing, I would've laughed in their face. You see, that sort of thing was reserved for "privileged" people. At least that's what I thought as I grew up in Kokomo, Indiana.
  • Your role in crime prevention

    According to www.neighborhoodscout.com, in 2010, one person in 22 was a victim of property crime in Great Falls. Whether it's larceny, burglary, arson or motor vehicle theft, these acts are all preventable. According to the 341st Security Forces Squadron Reports and Analysis Office, on Malmstrom Air Force Base, one in 129 people were victims of