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None at this time.

Vaccine availability

The 341st Medical Group is no longer requiring appointments for COVID-19 testing or COVID-19 vaccinations. The hours of operation for both clinics are:

COVID-19 Testing (Drive Thru): Monday-Friday 0730-1130.  *If you need an emergent test outside of these hours, please call the appointment line at 731-4MED (4633).

COVID-19 Vaccines: Monday-Friday 0800-1030 and 1300-1500.

If you have any further questions, please contact the appointment line at 731-4MED (4633).

14 May 2021 Update

Fully vaccinated personnel no longer have to wear masks indoors or outdoors on DoD property.

For now, the Medical Clinic still has a mask mandate for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, so please continue to wear your mask if you are in the Clinic.  Speaking of the Clinic, if you have not yet had a chance to get your vaccine, please call 731-4MED for an appointment.

If you are not fully vaccinated (fully vaccinate means you are two weeks or more after receiving your full vaccine sequence), you MUST continue to wear your mask on Malmstrom and when traveling in Government Owned Vehicles.

Attached is the updated DoD mask wear guidance:


base precautions

Health Protection Condition.  Effective 6 May 2021, the HPCON is set to Alpha, but remains a scalable tool to address changes in the threat.

HPCON Alpha protocols:  

  • The Wing requirement for off-base mask wear for all members has been rescinded. Instead, members will adhere to any health protection requirements of their location, whether on leave, pass, or duty.
  • If  you are fully vaccinated and participating in an outdoor social gathering on base, mask wear is not required.
  • There are no longer any occupancy limits in social gatherings if all personnel are fully vaccinated.
  • If all individuals in a vehicle (POV or GOV) are fully vaccinated, mask wear is no longer required.
  • If all individuals in a given office/conference room on base are fully vaccinated, mask wear is no longer required.
  • COVID testing conducted prior to posting to the missile field is no longer required. Members will continue to perform self-screening, and will only be required to test if they are symptomatic.
  • For CONUS travel, all members will complete 14 days of self-monitoring upon return to the local area and unit commanders will determine ROM requirements for unvaccinated personnel.
  • For OCONUS travel, members will follow current Force Health Protection and CDC guidance.
  • We still highly encourage members to practice social distancing and mask wear precautions in accordance with CDC guidance.
  • Fully vaccinated means two weeks or longer since completion of vaccine sequence

Memorandum for All Malmstrom AFB Personnel: Exception to Policy to SECDEF/SECAF Policy on Mask Wear and Social Distancing (19 April 2021)

Off base businesses. Military members are now permitted to visit theaters, bars, night clubs, and casinos.

There is no longer a time regulation associated with eating in restaurants; however, the stipulation that tables be six feet apart remains in effect. A restaurant is defined as a business whose main service is to serve food and has an attached kitchen.


Current restricted travel information can be found on the CDC website, or on the Department of State travel site.


NEW Visitor Control Center (VCC) HOURS

Beginning 8 March 2021, VCC will operate under new duty hours and will be taking walk-ins.

 Monday – Friday: 0730-1630

 Weekends/Holidays: Closed

**For after-hours access, 2nd Ave Gate (24 hr gate) will grant temporary passes


Required items to obtain a Visitors Pass:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver’s License or State ID

**Sponsor must accompany to obtain pass


Malmstrom AFB
Medical Appointments: (406) 731-4633
Public Health: (406) 731-4405
TRICARE Service: 1 (800) 866-9378

Other Numbers:
Emergency: 911
24hr Nurse Advice Line: 1 (800) 874-2273

Useful Websites:
TRICARE Nurse Advice Line


Malmstrom AFB Facebook: Malmstrom Air Force Base (Official)

Twitter: @CDCgov

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