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  • AF builds strong tribal relationships with time, compassion, willingness to learn

    JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas -- Listen to understand. For Air Force installation tribal liaison officers, strong tribal relationships aren’t built in a day – it takes time, compassion and a willingness to learn.Supporting Air Force installations with effective and robust tribal engagement, and respecting the tribes’ ancestral ties and
  • AFCEC announces winners of 2021 Air Force Design Awards 

    JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas – The Air Force Civil Engineer Center recently announced the winners of the 2021 Air Force Design Awards, recognizing 10 standout building projects in design and efficiency. “Delivering lethality and readiness requires modern and sustainable facilities and we continue to ensure Air and Space Force
  • AFGSC leadership visits Malmstrom

    For their first base visit as Air Force Global Strike Command’s new leadership team, Gen. Anthony Cotton, AFGSC commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Melvina Smith, AFGSC command chief, spent Oct. 25-27 at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana.
  • Malmstrom presents new strategic plan, mission, vision

    The 341st Missile Wing has released a new strategic plan, reflecting mission, vision, wing priorities, strategic alignment and an updated motto.
  • Let yourself get help

    It was only eight years ago, but I feel like there is so much more awareness of mental health now than there was then. I didn’t understand that anxiety or depression or any other mental struggle isn’t something that you can just turn off. Most people cannot will their anguish away. That’s what mental health professionals are for. They can treat those illnesses just like a medical doctor treats any other illness.
  • Malmstrom looks to 'four-peat' in Global Strike Challenge

    The 2021 Global Strike Challenge finished its final event last week after several months of competition to decide who will be named as the U.S. Air Force’s premier missile wing.
  • Impacts of Vehicle Washing on Storm Water

    Malmstrom is able to discharge storm water into the nearby Missouri River by operating under the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System permit under the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.
  • Chapel staff here to help

    Like the base gym supports the physical wellness of Airmen and their families, the base chapel supports their spiritual wellness.
  • Updated Quarantine Policy for Child, Youth services

    A policy applying to children that attend the Child Development Center and Youth Programs has been updated as of Sept. 17, 2021.
  • Commencing Department of Defense Actions and Implementation to Address Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the Military

    The establishment of the 90-day IRC on Sexual Assault in the Military, provided the Department a set of comprehensive and actionable recommendations to improve our approach in four lines of effort: accountability, prevention, climate and culture, and victim care and support.
  • Video game sparks service, deterrence fuels passion

    While combat-based video games might not always depict the experience of a typical enlisted member, they often inspire people to join the military. Those who are moved to join by gaming sometimes become more passionate about what they do in the military than they were about the game.
  • Keeping Malmstrom armed and ready

    Malmstrom Air Force Base operates, maintains and defends a critical component of America’s strategic forces: Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles. In keeping our nation’s critical assets secure, security forces members, along with maintainers and operators, need to be certain their equipment will function as designed.
  • Pushing the baseline

    Everyone knows an apple is healthier than a cinnamon bun, but we don’t always choose the apple. According to Kirk Clark, 341st Operational Medical Readiness Squadron health promotion coordinator, part of what he does is help people understand why they choose the cinnamon bun more often than the apple, and how they can change their thinking and habits to choose the apple more.
  • Malmstrom Honor Guard

    Rendering a final salute to a fallen service member and handing a folded flag to their next of kin is not something that’s easy to do or taken lightly. That’s why service in the Honor Guard is reserved for those who want to exemplify Air Force tradition, honor and core values.
  • Malmstrom ALS graduation banquet

    As the first professional military enhancement course Airmen attend, ALS is a milestone in the career of enlisted Airmen.
  • Rivet Mile: Total Force exemplified

    The all-civilian team at the 583rd Missile Maintenance Squadron, better known as Rivet MILE, maintain, modify and manufacture an array of nuclear enterprise equipment and strategic ground support systems.
  • Motorcycle safety

    Motorcycle safety video illustrating the risks motorcyclists face in Montana.
  • Malmstrom Chief Induction Ceremony

    Video production of Malmstrom AFB's chief induction ceremony.
  • Electronics Laboratory: if it breaks, they fix it

    “ELAB is the electronics laboratory. We basically work on equipment form the field, support equipment, critical components to the weapon system itself."
  • Mental health flight helps heal invisible wounds

    Just because a wound is invisible, doesn’t mean it isn’t deep or that it doesn’t need to be cared for. Post-traumatic stress disorder is an invisible wound and a mental health condition some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. Traumatic events are any deeply distressing or disturbing experience, such as combat, sexual assault, the loss of a loved one or receiving a severe injury.


  • FAQ: Mental health referrals

    This past year and a half came with plenty of its own hurdles on top of unique military challenges from deployments, family separations, long hours and missile field tours. Yet, stress doesn’t always cause mental health issues because resilience, social support and coping skills can help us manage it.
  • Your pharmacy questions, answered

    In an effort to provide a better patient experience, here are answers to some frequently asked questions.
  • Seeing the nuclear deterrence bigger picture

    The alarm was blaring on the launch control console, messages were flashing across the screens and I was trying and failing to follow the checklist for a training simulation intercontinental ballistic missile launch correctly and as quickly as possible. My heart raced and I was both immediately overwhelmed and amazed at what misileers actually do. Spoiler alert, it’s not sitting and waiting to push a big red button. In fact, there is no big red button.
  • Realizing a dream: The legacy of Hazel Ying Lee

    As part of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the Malmstrom Air Force Base museum will be unveiling an exhibit honoring Hazel Ying Lee on May 27.
  • Great Falls schools prepare students for the military and beyond

    The Great Falls community is close-knit and it’s no surprise that it wants the best for its children’s futures. Through generous donations from local businesses and families, Great Falls High School added a new addition to house larger classrooms and state-of-the-art equipment for Career and Technical Education programs.
  • Survivor Benefits Plan: How does it compare to insurance?

    Think of Survivor Benefits as retirement protection. It pays a benefit when the insured person's retirement pay stops. SBP won't make a single lump-sum payment like insurance. Instead, SBP will pay up to 55% (with annual inflation adjustments) of the military member's retirement pay to a spouse or dependent children every month.
  • Big Sky Resident Council gives privatized housing residents a voice

    The Resident Council provides a forum for Airmen and their families living in privatized housing to meet with installation leadership and openly discuss concerns and issues within housing, offer suggestions, and identify improvements that may be needed. The Resident Council is open to any Airman or family member residing in privatized housing. Every resident is welcome and highly encouraged to attend.
  • The Approaching Storm

    Starting next week and continuing through February, Malmstrom is recognizing the 30th Anniversary of Operation DESERT STORM or the Persian Gulf War (I). DESERT STORM marks the first conflict in history to make comprehensive use of stealth and space systems support capabilities against a modern, integrated air defense. While we often recognize key historical dates surrounding U.S. and Air Force heritage, it is rare that we get to observe an entire conflict in one campaign.
  • Resident Advocate is ‘boots on the ground’ in Malmstrom’s privatized housing community

    The Resident Advocate acts as the liaison between privatized housing residents, military housing authorities, and the Privatized Housing project owner for issues pertaining to privatized housing resident’s rights and advocacy.
  • Political activities while in the Air Force

    With the upcoming 2020 general election, it is important for Airmen to understand how they can participate in the political process and the restrictions placed on them as members of the armed forces.

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