Airmen's Dorm Council: by Airmen, for Airmen

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Collin Schmidt
  • 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs
Living free of a monthly rent and utility bill can have tremendous benefits, but just because one lives rent free does not mean they are free from responsibilities. For Airmen living in Malmstrom Air Force Base's dorm housing, tending to these responsibilities is critical to keeping Airmen happy and in a healthy living environment.

The Airman's Dorm Council plays a role in making sure these needs are met.

"The dorm council is an organization made up of Airmen that live in the dorm," said Staff Sgt. Ciara Worthen, 341st Civil Engineer Squadron Airmen dorm leader and council mentor. "They serve as a liaison for dorm residents to wing leadership."

A critical role of the ADC is allowing individual Airmen to have a voice to wing leadership, for either the good or bad that inherently comes with dorm life.

Whether it be an idea on how to make the base's dorm housing a little better or tenants that may have a problem that needs to be addressed, such as needing new mattresses; the ADC fills this gap.

"I think the ADC is a great way for the Airmen who experience day-to-day dorm life to voice their opinions on what would help make their quality of life better," said Senior Airman Ryan Lee, 341st Missile Wing Staff Judge Advocate paralegal and dorm chief.

"Being a part of the ADC has given me the chance to meet people and participate in events that I would not have known of otherwise," he continued. "Because of this, my life at Malmstrom has been more enjoyable."

According to Lee, in addition to being on the council, an Airman who is up for a challenge also has the opportunity to take on a small leadership role.

He also thinks that dorm chiefs and assistant dorm chiefs get critical experience in coordinating events, coming up with new ideas, getting involved with the community and voicing concerns through their chain of command.

Dorm council members meet the third Thursday of each month at three in the afternoon at the dining facility.

Twice a year, the council meets with the command chief and installation commander to discuss quality of life ideas and major housing issues.

"The ADC is a good avenue for dorm residents to have their voice heard by leadership so that their concerns and needs are met," said Worthen.

As a former dorm resident beginning her military career, Worthen said she was not involved in the dorm council but wished that she would have been an active member.

"I now see how much residents benefit from the council," she said.

In addition to voicing opinions and concerns, the council also provides Airmen with many volunteer opportunities and orchestrates activities for residents to participate in throughout the year.

While the core value of the council is providing Airmen within the dorms with a voice to be heard, council members also strive to interact with the local Great Falls community and help residents break out of their comfort zone by organizing events.

"As a whole, the ADC has been a great opportunity for me and I would recommend it to every Airman to join," said Lee. "Whether just to be a part of the council or take on a leadership role, it is a great way to get involved in the Malmstrom community."