Up-and-coming artist paints with passion

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jaeda Tookes
  • 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs
Whether someone is into painting, writing or music, art is something that allows a person to express themselves and create something beautiful.

"Everyone sees things differently, and has a different perception," said Amanda Lineback, 341st Force Support Squadron youth center aide. "What looks bad to you, could look good to someone else."

During her husband's deployment, Lineback started painting after attending a painting class with the Key Spouses of the 819th REDHORSE Squadron.

"I attended the class and realized I could do this at home," Lineback said. "I went out and bought a bunch of canvases and started playing around."

Despite having a knack for painting, she said she wasn't impressed with her first attempt.

"The trees looked funky and there was something about the moon," Lineback said.

She didn't let this discourage her and attempted painting another picture using acrylic paints, and was a lot happier with the outcome, she said.

"I was impressed with the dimensions and shadowing," Lineback said. "I felt like I knew a little bit more of what I was doing."

She said she gets her inspiration from different pictures and things she enjoys doing.

"My parents are in Hawaii, and sent me a picture of a koi pond," Lineback said. "If I don't know how to paint it, I tend to figure it out. The end picture eventually all comes together."

According to Lineback, her paintings take her less than a day to finish.

"With all of my paintings I start with the base color to form the background, and then begin forming the whole picture," Lineback said.

Her creations come to life while she paints on a large kitchen table, with country music playing, and it's a way for her to unwind.

"Painting is simply me time," Lineback said. "I deal with anxiety, so when I paint, nothing else can bother me."

Her personal connection to her work has influenced her to give back to the local community and she said she has plans to donate some of her paintings to a local veteran's shelter.

"A few of my friends are a part of the Combat Veteran's Motorcycle Association," Lineback said. "They renovated the shelter with new walls, paint and flooring, and asked me to donate some of my paintings to decorate the walls."

Selling her work has never crossed her mind, but within the past month people have been asking about her paintings, she said.

"I never thought my work was good enough," Lineback said.

There is no goal in mind for her paintings yet, but she is considering a few things.

"I do not have enough wall space to put them anywhere," Lineback said. "I have considered attending the craft show this summer."

Creating life is all about having fun, and the worst thing that could happen is the painting doesn't turn out the way it was intended, she said.

"With art nothing is a failure," Lineback said.