New close-quarters battle center opens doors, new training for TRF

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Eydie Sakura
  • 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs Office
Three loud bangs and the door sprang open. Within seconds, roughly eight Airmen enter the building with weapons drawn. One of them was the wing commander, learning the ropes of the tactical response force team and their new close-quarters battle training facility here. 

Col. Michael Fortney, 341st Missile Wing commander, got a first-hand look at the 341st Security Forces Group TRF training center, a facility that was nearly two years in the making. He geared up for several simulated attacks and made his way through rooms and hallways to apprehend the so-called "attacker." 

"[Going through the course] was absolutely impressive," Colonel Fortney said. "It adds a [new level of potential] here that we have needed for a long time and it'll allow us to work with our off-base partners; to train with them and work with them to keep our capabilities on the base and for the community. It's very, very impressive and I'm really proud of their efforts." 

Building a close quarters battle center here was the brain child of Master Sgt. Ben Nentwig, 341st SFG TRF training and resources NCOIC, in the fall of 2006. 

"[The training facility] was finally completed this September and [in the long run] it's a cost and time saver for the unit," Sergeant Nentwig said. "We are now able to train locally and further open doors for joint training opportunities both with the military and civilian law enforcement agencies." 

Malmstrom's new CQBC is the Air Force's only training facility of its kind in the area. The closest Air Force facility is in Guernsey, Wyo., more than nine hours south of here. 

"The design is unique and it offers lots of tactical angles throughout the center with normal CQBC requirements," Sergeant Nentwig said. "The catwalk above gives the training cadre a valuable view of the entire operation for critique purposes. It also allows team leaders and member to watch operations from a bird's eye view." 

The men and women of TRF and the 341st Security Support Squadron were responsible for making this facility possible, and Tech. Sgt. David Ellingson and Airman 1st Class Timothy Vorhies, were the main builders along with hundreds of hours of volunteer help. 

"I was approached [by TRF leadership] to help them get this facility built because, prior to my Air Force career, I was a contractor," Sergeant Ellingson said. "The walls and some other aspects of the facility didn't meet fire and safety codes, so we wanted to make sure everything was done properly and within code." 

Sergeant Ellingson and Airman Vorhies received a template from the Guernsey training center and they used that template to make the CQBC here more tactically sound for the trainees to get the maximum amount of training with the resources that were available.
The facility is complete, but some finishing touches need to be added. 

"We also want to put in some audio-visual equipment such as a camera system for feedback, a smoke machine, fog machine and strobe lights; all in an effort to provide different types of training scenarios and maximize different training techniques," Sergeant Ellingson said. "It's a great facility and I'm glad our TRF folks now have the ability to train in a facility like this. It's long overdue and it's going to expand their abilities in real-world scenarios." 

Sergeant Nentwig said security tactics are ever-evolving and changing, and this facility will help all law enforcement agencies, including the Cascade County police departments and the FBI. 

"We stay abreast of tactic changes from our sister services and employ them as we see fit," he said. "We also sponsor joint training to share tactics keeping us current as possible." 

The motor revved and sparks began to fly as a TRF Airman used a K-12 breach saw to cut his way through a chain link fence. His efforts were vital to the security forces members waiting in the wings to secure the location; the Airmen formed up, ready to file-into the training facility. Within seconds, the team was making their way through the close-quarters battle center; weapons drawn and ready for anything. New close-quarters battle center opens doors, new training for TRF