October is Energy Awareness Month

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  • By 341st Civil Engineer Squadron personnel
  • Civil Engineer Squadron
The Air Force is a large consumer of energy and ever-climbing energy prices have an impact on the Air Force's budget and the federal government's budget. In 2008 alone, the Air Force spent more than $10 million on energy to cool, heat and light facilities at Malmstrom. 

Every dollar spent on energy takes funding away from improvements, repairs and quality of life issues that make Malmstrom a better place.

It is not just our planners and maintainers who are involved, everyone on base can make conscious efforts to save energy and dollars.

Here are some mandated programs and ideas to help us all save energy:

-      Replace incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps. 
       The replacement has been an Air Force requirement since late 2007.

-      Dress appropriately for the season.

-      Reduce or eliminate use of space heaters.

-      Turn off lights when leaving a room.

-      Close exterior doors and windows to allow heating and air conditioning systems to
       work properly

-      Keep window shades down in summer and up in the winter to help the sun work for

-      Call Civil Engineering customer service at 731-6138 when outside lights are on 
       during daylight hours, or water or air system leaks are found, or doors and windows
       do not close properly.

-      Do not allow vehicles to idle for extended periods of time.

-      Set thermostats in your home to wisely conserve energy. Again, dress appropriately.

"It is important to keep these things in mind because it is everyone's responsibility on Malmstrom AFB to conserve energy whether at work or home," said Lt. Col. Timothy Dodge, 341st Civil Engineer Squadron commander. "It not only saves our precious resources, but the energy savings are able to be used on base to improve our working and living conditions."

For questions, please call the base energy manager at 731-6145 or for him to address your group.