Three Malmstrom members selected for Tops in Blue

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Kristina Overton
  • 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs
Three members of Malmstrom Air Force Base were selected to be a part of the U.S. Air Force's premier entertainment troupe, Tops in Blue.

Results were publicized March 1 that 1st Lt. John Early, a 10th Missile Squadron ICBM combat crew commander; Senior Airman Adam Rideaux, 341st Medical Group medical technician; and Airman 1st Class Breyson Robinson, 10th Missile Squadron missile chef, were chosen to be a part of the team.

Airman stationed across the globe sent in audition tapes to be a part of the 2010 Tops and Blue team, showcasing their vocal, dancing, instrumental and entertainment abilities, and of them only 74 were selected to attend the 10-day Air Force Worldwide Talent Contest at Lackland AFB, Texas. Of those 74, only 31 made the cut.

"This was my second year auditioning for Tops in Blue, so I'm excited about this opportunity," said Lieutenant Early. "It's going to be nice to go out and be a morale booster for the troops all around the world, and provide entertainment for Airmen and their families. And as a bonus, we're traveling with some of the most talented people in the Air Force, so it'll be an experience."

Lieutenant Early auditioned for Tops and Blue as a pianist and vocalist singing Bruce Hornsby's "The Way It Is."

"I've been playing the piano since I was 7, which was mostly classical musical. I started out singing my sophomore year in college at Miami University in Ohio in a 100-person choir with Glee Club. After that, I auditioned and got into their acapello group. The first time I auditioned for Tops in Blue, I just sang, but this go round I added the piano."
Senior Airman Rideaux also had an early start with his showcased talent, magic.

"My grandfather bought me this magic kit when I was seven, and I've been perfecting the skill ever since," said Airman Rideaux. "I love seeing the look on people's faces, that childlike excitement they get when I do magic. That's why I do it. I love bringing that joy to people. It doesn't really matter where I am, or who it's for, it's just about making others happy."

Though many have been swept away by Airman Rideaux's mind-blowing magic tricks, at the Worldwide competition, that was just a part of what wowed the judges. Just two days before the final performance, Airman Rideaux had to change his entire routine due to an equipment issue. So for this final performance, he showcased another talent, beat boxing.

"I have no idea what they are going to have me do in the show, or how they are going to work me into it," Airman Rideaux said. "I'm just excited to travel the world doing what I love, and inspiring people."

Airman Robinson was inspired by the entire experience, and couldn't be more ecstatic about making the team.

"After being down there, and learning and interacting with all these people who dedicate their lives to the program," said Airman Robinson, "it turned into me not wanting to be in the group, but needing to. With auditions, at first I was expecting like a music Basic Military Training, but I've never had more fun doing music. We probably had 18 hour days for the 10 days we were down there and the time just flew by."

For the auditions, Airman Robinson performed a medley of songs by Mint Condition, Jay-Z, and Kirk Franklin, on the drums. He has been playing for 13 years.

"I always loved the drums," said Airman Robinson. "It was always a big part of my life, and my father was a drummer as well. I sort of started in elementary school with our hand-drumming ensemble, and then I started playing at church and just kept at it."

Airman Robinson's initial audition tape was to Michael Jackson's "Beat it."

Another incentive to do well at the Worldwide Talent Contest, aside from making the team, is to receive awards in categories to include best female vocalist, male vocalist, self accompanied vocalist, instrumental and specialty.

Lieutenant Early received first place in self accompanied vocalist, Airman Robinson received first place for instrumental, and Airman Rideaux received second in specialty.

After completing training at Lackland AFB, the 2010 touring squad will hit the road in May for a 10-month tour that includes more than 120 shows in more than 20 countries. This year's theme is "We Believe."

For tour schedules, or more information on Tops in Blue, call (210) 652-6566 or visit