Knowledge Ops Airman learns to be client systems technician

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Katrina Heikkinen
  • 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs
Airman 1st Class Sara Suenram, who's primary job is knowledge operations, has been working as a client systems technician for the past two months. The majority of her job duties, which include anything from fixing a computer monitor and installing Windows 7 to fixing a mouse, she has learned on-the-job or taught herself.

"She's working outside her career field, which is a big deal," said Greg Davis, Client Services Supervisor with the 341st Communications Squadron. "She has learned how to do [job duties] very quickly with limited knowledge and she required very little supervision."

Suenram starts out her day checking her email, and typically she will receive remedy tickets indicating a broken computer from a particular unit. From there, she works on fixing computers and setting up emails and new accounts - anything to make a computer operate efficiently.

The majority of these skills she has learned in the mere two months of being on the job. In addition, she has been tasked with migrating computers with Microsoft Windows 7 instead of Microsoft Vista.

"I never learned these skills at tech school," Suenram said. "The biggest challenge has been changing from Vista Enterprise to Windows 7. It was hard at first, but it's great when I come across a task and I fix it when I didn't think I could. Knowing the customer is satisfied is a huge accomplishment."

"She can install 10 at a time, but every computer takes one hour," Davis said. "She dedicates the time to get the job done- and that's only one piece of her job."

Despite the fact that her active- duty orders are supposed to end in September, Suenram is making her best efforts to push her orders to the end of September 2012.

In addition to learning about the new vista system, this Helena, Mont., native is also a member of the Air National Guard. Along with drill and other duties she must fulfill for MANG, she often times falls short of the volunteering she would like to do on her weekends - especially when these duties require her to work for 12 days at a time.

"I usually have drill the first weekend of every month, but I would like to commit more time to volunteering; provide more service to others," Suenram said.

Managing the completion of 60 trouble tickets and receiving 100 percent customer satisfaction, it is clear that she is one exceptional Airman.

But when asked what her absolute favorite part of the job was, the humble Airman simply stated, "I would rather serve others. I like to make others happy before myself."