Electronics Laboratory: if it breaks, they fix it

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Tristan Truesdell
  • 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs

Senior Airman Michael Merkt, 341st Maintenance Group electronics laboratory technician: “ELAB is the electronics laboratory. We basically work on equipment form the field, support equipment, critical components to the weapon system itself.

The equipment we work on is specifically for the field. We take that equipment, we do what we can to fix it and then we return it to the courting work center.

We test the equipment itself to make sure its functioning properly, and if its not functioning properly, we can find the fault and fix it to make it serviceable so it can go back out to the field.

If we weren’t here to fix this stuff, sites would go down. Everything we work on, like in the vault specifically, is all critical equipment.

They actually trust us to make sure that these highly-critical equipment is good to go.”