Meet SrA Kendall Pride

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Chiyanna L. White
  • 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs
Senior Airman Kendall Pride is one of several members responsible for the 341st Security Forces Group unmanned aerial system programs.

As a program manager, Pride helps train, organize and equip fellow defenders on all applicable systems in defense of nuclear resources exposed to vulnerable environments.

“My job is important to Malmstrom’s mission because with today’s warfighting capabilities, the fight is no longer fought [exclusively] on the ground, but [also] in the air.

“Having the counter side of the program actuality helps detect, identify, track, deter and defeat these drones with a fixed site system,” said Pride.

Pride loves what he does and says it is the best job he’s ever had.

“My job allows me to expand outside of my comfort zone by having fun, learning a lot and expanding my thinking capabilities,” he said. “Never in my life did I think about flying a drone or being a part of program management, but here I am and I love every bit of it.”

Pride joined the Air Force when he was 19 in order to give himself a better life and escape the environment he was in at the time. He says it was one of the best decisions he made, as it has helped him grow in many ways.

He has a rich military heritage. His older brother served in the Army, his cousin did eight years in the Marine Corps and his great-grandfather was a World War II veteran.

Pride is a proud native of Little Rock, Arkansas, which is home to the Little Rock Nine – the first nine African-American students to integrate a school in Arkansas.

He also attended the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, a historically black university.

“My city is my city,” said Pride. “There is so much to love about Little Rock – from the history behind it, to the culture itself. Little Rock is what defines me.

“You can’t put a price on it and you can’t take the value out of me because of a few dents,” Pride continued.

Pride has been stationed at Malmstrom for more than three years now and he says it was a huge culture shock at first.

“Being in the military has taught me to be more self-sufficient, flexible and disciplined,” said Pride. “I had to learn how to adapt in fast-paced environments and become constantly receptive of change.”

Pride says that if he decides to stay in the military long enough, he would love to become a base command chief.

“As a chief master sergeant, I would like to give out the keys to success like several people have done for me since I’ve been here,” said Pride.

“The military has offered me a lot so I want to attend as many skill training courses as I can to help me become a better person and protect myself,” he continued.

Pride has many goals for himself. He says he would like to obtain a degree in business management and accounting and eventually build an empire for young businessmen and women.

“I want to provide more opportunities for kids with similar upbringings as me,” said Pride. “I also want to give my baby brother, Karson, and baby sister, Kendra, a life with excitement and the opportunities I had, but ten times better.”

It is important to have a good support system to fall back on and Pride says his consists of his entire family, close friends and his supervisor, Tech. Sgt. Michael Aguirre.

“People are constantly rooting for and encouraging me to keep pushing,” said Pride. “They tell me not to let anything stop me from accomplishing what’s destined for me.”

Pride encourages others to pay homage to those who give you the opportunity to be better than they were when they were in your position.