Meet SSgt Kymyenna Mitchell

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Chiyanna L. White
  • 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs
From East St. Louis, Illinois, one of Malmstrom’s newest non-commissioned officers, Staff Sgt. Kymyenna Mitchell, 341st Medical Group NCO in charge of commander support staff, joined the Air Force to continue pursuing her education, which is one of her top priorities.

As the NCOIC of commander support staff, Mitchell directly supports the medical group commander and squadron commanders on all matters pertaining to personnel and administrative actions.

Mitchell is in charge of a three-person team, consisting of Airmen and civilians. Together, they ensure members’ records are adequately updated and office systems are run appropriately.

Mitchell has found a good balance between work and pursuing her education goals. She is very goal-driven and has big plans for the future.

“Obtaining a Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD in Human Resource Management are my educational goals,” said Mitchell. “I’ve always been taught that knowledge is power and it’s important to be competent in your field of study.”

Not only is Mitchell focused on her education, but she hopes to start her own non-profit mentoring program for inner-city youth. She says the program will aid in connecting children with mentors who share their specific interests, passions and future occupations.

“I’d like to incorporate mental health, wellness, scholarships and motivational aspects to my program,” said Mitchell. “There are multiple facets to my vision and I’ve given myself one year to prepare, network and cultivate my content.”

Before joining, Mitchell was an intern for Bank of America and completed one year of undergraduate studies at the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, a historically black university. She says that being there aided in refining her inner strengths for becoming a great leader.

Mitchell said she is elated and very optimistic for her new journey as a staff sergeant. She looks forward to trying to help others succeed.

“Sergeants play an integral role in their Airmen’s lives and careers,” she said. “I hope to lead by example and aid in grooming my troops to be much better than I am.

“My troops and I will spend the majority of our day together so it’s important that time is used to build, empower and motivate them to be the best version of themselves,” she continued.

Having a strong support system has many positive benefits and Mitchell said she has a great one to fall back on.

She says her support system consists of her family, fiancé, friends and community.

“On days when I forget my ‘why’, they always help me remember the bigger picture,” she said, “I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without my support system’s unconditional and tough love.”

Mitchell is proud of where she is from and has learned a lot from being there.

“Many people from my town face adversities and hardships,” she said. “The world sees the city for its violence and impoverished neighborhoods but I see it as the city of champions.

“We are doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, artists, visionaries, educators, politicians, technicians and opportunists. That’s what I love about being from East St. Louis.”