AFA: It’s time to take another look

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Patricia Kodis
  • 341st Medical Support Squadron
In the face of continuing defense budget cuts and more force "reshaping," what can you do to protect your own interests and make sure the United States doesn't return to the days of hollow military forces?

The answer is simple; add your voice to the nearly 150,000 voices in the Air Force Association. When it comes to fighting the good fight on Capitol Hill, educating the public on the need for a strong national defense and getting the media to pay attention, numbers matter.

When an AFA representative asks you to sign on the dotted line and join for the first time or renew, can you really afford to say no? Are you willing to give up your clout in Congress?

AFA works for all members of the Air Force family -- military and civil service, active and retired, officer and enlisted, Guard and Reserve, and cadet and Civil Air Patrol. Are you willing to go without one of the world's foremost publications on defense and aerospace subjects -- AIR FORCE Magazine? Twelve times a year, you will miss coverage of all aspects of Air Force operations, equipment and people, including the authoritative Air Force Almanac issue. If that's not enough, think about the last time you or someone you know was honored. Nine times out of 10, it is the AFA that sponsors the award - from the 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year and the Team of the Year, to the top crew awards and a host of locally sponsored chapter awards designed to recognize the achievements of Airmen.

It's all too easy for the public to forget the importance of superior air power in securing and preserving peace. Joining AFA gives you a chance to make sure your local community understands the need for a well-trained, well-equipped U.S. military. As a member of AFA, you are also eligible for reduced rate life insurance, a low-rate credit card, a health insurance supplement and many other benefits, including a résumé writing and critique service and discounts on rental cars.

The AFA is also in a unique position to help the Air Force since it has more than 250 chapter organizations located in all 50 states and at many overseas locations. These chapters provide a civilian to military forum for building support for Air Force needs that exists in no other organization. In this area, AFA members are encouraged to join AFA #108 Big Sky Chapter. If you are a current AFA member and have recently moved to the Great Falls area, transferring your membership to the local chapter is simple and easy.
AFA needs you, and you need AFA; it's that simple.

Contact any of the Big Sky board members at the following email addresses:
1st Lt. Lee Feldhausen, president -
Senior Master Sgt. Mario Saenz, vice president -
Capt. Paul Gephart, secretary -
1st Lt. Patricia Kodis, treasurer -