• Published
  • By Maj. Eric Gillespie
  • 341st Logistics Readiness Squadron commander
Over the last three weeks there has been a plethora of emotions that have been running through a good majority of the men and women in Wing One in light of recent events - shock, disbelief, anger, sadness and, most of all, fear of the unknown. All of these emotions felt all at once by a single event and you have to ask yourself why? Because one of our core values was not lived up to its fullest definition - integrity.

When we all took that oath of office or enlistment, we swore to uphold those core values to the best of our ability and sometimes even die trying. Just like the samurais of old, there is a code to live a life that is not our own but to serve and protect the country that we love so much. Where did it all go wrong? When did the profession of arms become just a job? When did the core values become a punch line and the lines between right and wrong become so blurred? What we need to do is re-enforce our core values, in addition, let's add something that might help us - SHAZAM.

Believe it or not, that word was the first acronym in my life before the Air Force. So let's use it for something that I think we all need to have to enhance our core value job jar.

S: The wisdom of Solomon to have the scholarly and technical knowledge to do our job well, pass it on to our younger Airmen and to provide them counsel and advice in times of need. Give them feedback no matter if it's bad - it might motivate them to do better.

H: The strength of Hercules to overcome insurmountable odds when it seems like the battle is lost. Be innovative in these times of fiscal constraints where manpower is drawing down but the requirements are stacking up.

A: The stamina of Atlas to work those long hours if the mission needs you to stay out at the missile alert facility longer, endure that cold winter when going out to a site or even getting those needed Humvees repaired before tomorrow's mission.

Z: The power of Zeus to be invulnerable to all the negativity that is surrounding us in the press and those people who don't believe that our nuclear mission is important to national security.

A: The courage of Achilles to stand up, do the right thing all the time and have the mental fortitude to stand by your actions no matter what your peers think.

M: The speed of Mercury to give that last burst of willpower to pump out more push-ups or sit-ups in 10 seconds and run your mile and a half a little bit faster.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that one little word said out loud or to yourself in your mind can be very empowering. When you are feeling down about things, use whatever letter in that word you want to and let it guide you towards your goal. Airmen, NCOs, senior NCOs and officers - we need to re-affirm our core values of integrity, service and excellence, but let's add some SHAZAM to Malmstrom.