Purpose of our service

  • Published
  • By Maj. Justin D. Secrest
  • 341st Security Forces Group deputy commander
It has certainly been a great year here at Malmstrom. An incredible effort by so many people led to wing success at every turn. Our recent domination of the competition during Global Strike Challenge and bringing the Blanchard Trophy home as the Air Force's best missile wing was certainly a testament to the kind of year we have had. Now, although we are riding the wave of good feelings from all the success, we face the Montana winter.

There are many fun things to do in the winter around Montana; however, for many, the long nights, short days, cold temperatures, howling winds, piles of snow and icy roads can lower the mood. Add to this the separation from immediate and/or extended family that many face, and we have a formula for the 'blahs.' So how do we overcome such a condition?  I think our chaplains and mental health professionals would tell us to get involved, surround ourselves with supportive people and stay positive. This is all great advice for sure. I'd like to add to these suggestions a recommendation to find and remember the purpose of our service to keep energized and doing great things.

It cannot be emphasized often enough just how important our deterrence and assurance mission is to our national security, and ultimately our way of life. And, regardless of our status as Airmen, civilians or family members, we all play a role in achieving this mission...we really do.  Whether we are up at 3:30 a.m. to head to guard mount or ready equipment for field deployment, or whether we are giving our all to care for a family, our collective efforts as Airmen, civilian employees and family members lead to mission success. However, the difficulty of all of our day-to-day tasks and the frustration that can come with them can blind us to this awesome purpose. 

Evaluating our roles and the tasks we do in them daily and then connecting them to the purpose of our service can provide the inspiration we need to stay energized. If you are having trouble identifying the purpose of your service, just consider the fact that you have freedom. Americans are free to live as they believe right, and this is not the case everywhere in the world. Without our efforts right here at Malmstrom Air Force Base, our freedom and global stability is jeopardized ...that's a fact. How is that for a purpose?

Moreover, helping others see this purpose can be a win/win. When we help others find the purpose of their service, not only will we help someone feel appreciated and important but we will also be personally energized.

Today, I encourage you to reflect on the purpose of your service and then go out there and help others see theirs. Though winter is coming, understanding the purpose our service and helping others do the same will provide the energy needed to keep up all the personal and professional success we have enjoyed.