Success depends upon teamwork, synergy

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Cory Pink
  • 341st Missile Security Forces Squadron commander
Teamwork is essential to the success of any unit. Take an automobile for example. A vehicle needs more than a good engine to get you to where you want to go. It also needs a good transmission, carburetor, steering, tires, electrical system, fuel system and cooling system just to function at a basic level. For it to run smoothly, all of these need to be in good working order and for the car to win a race, all of these need to be in peak performance. Just as it takes many parts of a car to run smoothly, a squadron, group or wing needs to have all of its sections working to be successful. 

This is also true regarding Security Forces. Forces responding to a situation rely not only on their partner in the vehicle but also on the security controller for communication, direction and back-up support; flight commander and flight sergeant for command and control; and group and squadron staffs for training, guidance and support. All of these folks need to be proficient in their jobs for this team to perform the mission safely and securely. A breakdown in any of these elements may cause failure of the mission or potentially get someone injured or killed. 

The important measure of success is whether or not the mission was completed safely and securely. Was the security of the resource maintained? Was the weapon maintained properly to be capable of being utilized when needed? Was the mission completed properly and everyone made it home safely? 

Not everyone will perform flawlessly, so don't give up or become frustrated on the first misstep. Keep your head high and continue to do the best you can do. Tenacity and hustle can easily make up for a minor misstep along the way. Just remember the end goal is what is important and there are many paths to reach that goal. Just as Edison had many setbacks before he successfully developed the electric lightbulb and needed the help of many associates to succeed, we may confront issues or problems that will set us back or that we need the assistance of others to overcome. We must continue to press forward with our goal in mind and eventually, with enough perseverance and drive, we will get there. If one of our fellow comrades falters, we need to do our best to help them get back on the right path; whether it be through additional training, by assisting in areas that they may be weak, or by correcting their actions or mistakes. 

The important thing to remember is that if we expect to reach this goal, we must have the determination to continue, the mental courage to help others or ask help from others when it is needed. Success will only be accomplished through synergy and teamwork of all of us.