No room, tolerance for discrimination

  • Published
  • By Col. Sandy Finan
  • 341st Space Wing commander
Mission, people, teamwork - many of you have heard my leadership philosophy and seen the triad graphic on posters and in briefings. But my philosophy is more than briefings and graphics. I truly believe that what we do doesn't happen without personal dedication to leadership and teamwork, and that the most vital component of the whole equation is you. Our most valuable resource, at the wing and across the Air Force, is our people. 

One person, however, can't perform our mission alone. People work in teams and focus on that big-picture mission goal. When the team deteriorates, our ability to perform our mission degrades as well. 

No doubt you've heard your commanders and supervisors discuss discrimination, harassment and equal opportunity during briefings, but these subjects do not live only in briefings. Discrimination and harassment are real. They threaten to break down our team and impede our mission. Any discrimination against any other member of our service based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin is unlawful and will not be tolerated. Such behavior on- or off-duty is unacceptable. 

The Air Force and this wing have a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination and harassment. Commanders and supervisors take the lead in preventing and resolving issues, but are also charged with taking appropriate action should anyone violate this policy. We are here to help you understand that unlawful discrimination can destroy our ability to accomplish our mission and will not be tolerated. If you have difficulties dealing with individuals of a different gender, religion or race, we can also help you find a more suitable career path outside the Air Force. This may sound harsh, but discrimination and harassment divide us and we cannot function as a cohesive team if we are divided. 

Our mission success depends on our team's success, and each one of you contributes to the team's performance. I challenge each of you to remember your importance to Team Malmstrom and how your behavior affects the team.