Even seasoned veterans can learn new tricks

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Steve Sargent
  • 341st Space Wing Command Chief
As a veteran of 28 years, I thought I'd seen it all. But I have to admit, a recent visit to the Commissary surprised even me. I had the privilege of attending Airman's Night - an event hosted by Commissary employee volunteers designed to introduce our Airmen to a value many of us with families discovered long ago. 

I arrived in the middle of an intense bowling competition where Airmen were trying to knock down 10 pins (made from paper towels) with a grapefruit. This was followed by other strange contests such as a sub sandwich eating contest where the victor chowed down a six-inch sub the fastest without the use of his hands, and a scavenger hunt through the isles using clues based on product logo's, jingles or mascots. It was an evening of fun, prizes and food (lots of food). But most importantly, it demonstrated to me two very important things. 

The first thing that impressed me was the Airmen. With everything that was going on that weekend (Special Olympics, Air show, work, etc.) they still found time to come support the night. They were great sports participating in all events and were not disappointed. They were rewarded with an enjoyable but educational night and I believe everyone walked away with a handful of really cool gifts. 

The second thing that impressed me was the Commissary staff. Best word I can use to describe them is "Wow." Their enthusiasm was contagious and it was very apparent they were excited about introducing the Commissary to our Airmen. The generous donations of food and gifts by the Commissary, AAFES and vendors showed they genuinely care. 

It was great to be a part of the evening (even the pie to the face was tasty) and I applaud the commissary for their hard work and dedication.