The inspection never ends

  • Published
  • By Col. David Funk
  • 819th RED HORSE Squadron
As we wind down from our Operational Readiness Inspection, Nuclear Surety Inspection and Compliance Inspection, we celebrate and feel much relief that we were able to achieve "above the line" results. But I ask, is the inspection really "over?" 

One of the Nike posters Services has in many gyms across the Air Force notes that when it comes to fitness, "There is no finish line." To me, it is similar with our readiness preparation ... there really is no finish line. Although the ORI, NSI, or CI may have passed and we got our "grades," we need to press forward daily with the same vigor that we exhibited in the inspection build up. 

In the 819th, our inspection preparation emphasis was threefold: that of attitude, urgency and attention to detail. Your attitude makes a difference each and every day. It determines how you feel, it affects how your co-workers feel and it influences how your bosses feel, as well as impacting your family and friends. Maintaining a sense of urgency helps you focus your efforts and keep moving forward. We always have distractions in our daily activity, but if we move forward with a sense of urgency, others will feel that. They will act in a like manner allowing everyone around us to maximize our productivity and ultimately have more time and energy to relax when the task is completed. By focusing on attention to detail, you can accomplish your responsibilities meticulously and rest assured that all the loose ends are tied up. These three qualities - attitude, urgency and attention to detail - are what make the difference in any inspection. The Air Combat Command Inspector General specifically noted these were evident and made a difference in the 819th ORI. 

These characteristics are not unique to inspections, but essential in our daily lives no matter what the "crisis of the day" is. Whether it is ongoing OJT, CDCs, college courses or an entire unit deployment, as the HORSE will embark on beginning in August, we need that continued positive attitude, sense of urgency and attention to detail. In fact, in these non-inspection real-world situations, these qualities become even more essential. 

As I prepare to depart the 819th RED HORSE, I sincerely appreciate the hard work and dedication of the Airmen of the HORSE as well as that of the men and women of the 341st Space Wing. It has been a true pleasure to work side-by-side with such professionals. My time here at Malmstrom has been very quick; the Air Force says it's time to move on to the Area of Responsibility for a year. 

My hat's off to Team Malmstrom, especially to the men and women of the HORSE. As you demonstrated that inspection positive attitude, sense of urgency and attention to detail, I challenge all to press forward daily with this same ORI spirit. 

To the HORSE!!