Inspections wrap up: Team Malmstrom goes above, beyond

  • Published
  • By Col. Sandy Finan
  • 341st Space Wing commander
To Team Malmstrom ... my congratulations on an impressive conclusion to the Nuclear Surety Inspection/Compliance Inspection and the RED HORSE Operational Readiness Inspection. After 15 days of grueling scrutiny by two distinct teams, you showed the world what it means to be Team Malmstrom.
Monday's NSI/CI inspection results proved again what I always knew - you are the absolute best at what you do. You are our nation's most powerful wing and in my opinion, it's best wing. It is truly my honor to serve with you as your wing commander! 

The nuclear business we are in is a very serious business. The importance of ensuring the safety, security and reliability of our weapons cannot be understated. We are entrusted with our Nation's most powerful weapons. This awesome responsibility is why NSIs are so important. It is why they are so rigorous; why every detail is important; and why they are so thorough. Most significantly, the importance or our mission at Malmstrom is why the standards are so high. When you do what we do, there is no margin for error. 

An NSI is a tough validation of our ability to operate, maintain, support, and secure nuclear weapons. Throughout this inspection the IG saw your professionalism, technical proficiency, enthusiasm and pride in accomplishing your mission. 

Some of the feedback we received included statements such as "exemplary technical knowledge," "stellar," "spotless," "exceptional," "flawless" and the list goes on! To quote the Inspector General, "Outstanding leadership, aggressive teamwork and dedicated personnel across the installation resulted in a safe and secure nuclear program." Most impressive was the warrior, can-do, attitude demonstrated by every Airman from our most recent arrivals on Malmstrom to our seasoned veterans. 

For the compliance inspection the IG reviewed six common core compliance requirements, 19 mission areas subdivided into more than 170 sub areas and six special interest items. Throughout this inspection, the IG saw how we do things the right way everyday. To quote the IG: "Throughout the program reviews, the IG noted empowered Airmen seizing the initiative to develop effective and sometimes innovative tools to help them track a myriad of requirements and to implement solutions to address directives." And to conclude: "As a result of all these efforts, the 341st Space Wing met or exceeded nearly all mandates." Meeting or exceeding nearly all mandates is a difficult task ... and you accomplished that task to near perfection. 

Overall ratings of "Satisfactory" in the Nuclear Surety Inspection and "In Compliance" for the Compliance Inspection do not begin to describe how you awed the inspectors. From the instant they hit the ground they knew that we meant business, and for two weeks, you did what you do every day ... and they were impressed. The IG recognized 17 Professional Performers and 36 Professional Teams for exemplary performance during the NSI, and 22 Professional Performers and 25 Professional Teams during the CI. 

You excelled under scrutiny less than one month after a real-world emergency and during a continuing time of heightened operations tempo for our weapon system. And you supported the 819th RED HORSE Squadron's Operational Readiness Inspection, in which they received an Excellent rating and three teams and 13 individuals were recognized as superior performers. As ever, Malmstrom sets the standard for excellence and proves to our Air Force that we simply are the best at what we do. 

Though our workload and operations tempo rarely allow time to relax, I encourage you to take a deep breath and enjoy the satisfaction of a job very well done. I hope each of you can take time to enjoy the summer in Montana. Please remember to exercise good decision making and planning. Our mission continues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year ... and so as is our tradition, we will continue to work hard, play hard, be safe and be the Air Forces's best ICBM wing! Thanks for being the best.