General Chilton unveils new AFSPC mission statement

  • Published
  • By Gen. Kevin Chilton
  • Air Force Space Command commander
I'm proud to unveil our new AFSPC mission statement:

"To Deliver Trained and Ready Airmen with Unrivaled Space Capabilities to Defend America."

While the statement itself may be new, its underlying concept is the foundation of our four priorities to preserve and expand our ability to deliver space effects to the joint fight; provide safe and secure strategic deterrence; develop, field and sustain dominant space capabilities on time and cost; and attract, develop and retain people with the expertise necessary to meet the challenges of the future.

I want to affirm that our people--you--are the source of this Command's success in defending America. You have answered your Nation's call and are performing superbly. You can be proud of being part of something big; you are all active defenders of freedom around the globe. Some of you make up the 1,300 of our Airmen currently deployed downrange who are fighting valiantly close to our current fight. Many more of you are directly supporting the war from bases and locations in the U.S. and around the world. Whether in missile alert facilities, space operations units, expeditionary support units, or our headquarters or acquisition centers, all of you play a key role in the defense of our great Nation and delivering the world's greatest space capabilities to the joint fight. Our Combatant Commanders know who to call to get the space effects they need to fight and win the long, Global War on Terrorism.

You are the force behind our Nation's swords and shields, and confirm our vision to be acknowledged experts and leaders in fielding, launching and employing space power for the 21st Century. I am proud to serve with each and every one of you.