Words of wisdom: Inspiration comes in all packages ... what inspires you?

  • Published
  • By Maj. Kristin Uchimura
  • 341st Contracting Squadron commander
"Surround yourself with good books and good people...for they will influence you the
- Mom. 

My Mom is amazing! She's the oldest of four children, born and raised in Hawaii in a house her Dad built with his own two hands. She served as an elementary school teacher for thousands of children for more than 30 years and has such a generous and happy heart. She has influenced generations in her lifetime and her words of wisdom have guided me through the years. 

While technology has increased our rapid access to data, and while all the inventions of the world have greatly increased our creature comforts. I still find the people in my life and the books I read continue to have the most profound impact on my life. 

Books and people require much more patience, time and commitment. But the art of a good conversation and the subsequent bonds we build affect our lives in a more profound manner. 

The deeper knowledge we gain from books and the more meaningful relationships we build with people are what help to build and define our character. 

The Internet is a great tool and resource, but cultivating solid relationships and being more choosey in the sources of information we read are significant factors to leading an amazing life. Out of all the advice and moments that we experience in life, we are fortunate to be inspired by certain people and the universal quotes last a lifetime. 

What inspires you?