AFSPC/CV sends winter safety message

  • Published
  • By Maj. Gen. Thomas Deppe
  • Air Force Space Command
The fall season and "transitional" weather period is here. It is important to remember the changing season reintroduces hazardous road conditions. We have to stay on our guard as one day may be warm and the next foggy or have a fine layer of frost on the road. 

Now is the time to make sure you are ready for winter driving. It is just around the corner. Ensure your vehicle is in top mechanical condition and carry an emergency roadside kit. 

When you come out to your snow-covered vehicle, please take the time to clear all the windows, not just a peep hole. If you find yourself driving in snow or ice, slow down and drive appropriately. 

Leave early to prevent rushing to get to your destination. Look ahead for any possible dangers and plan for taking evasive action, if needed. Most importantly, always wear your seatbelt and never drive when impaired by alcohol. 

We have had a banner year with no mishap-related fatalities in FY07. Let's do it again in FY08. I encourage each of you to get out and enjoy the activities this cooler weather brings, but just be safe and thing ahead!