Airman reflects on recent DUI charges

  • Published
  • By Airman Tristan Williams
  • 341st Missile Security Forces Squadron

My name is Airman Tristan Williams. I am 21 years old and on the Sept. 23, I was stopped by 341st Security Forces personnel for driving under the influence of alcohol. I never thought this would happen to me, me being someone who has never been in trouble before and now I have a DUI. This just goes to show that anyone can get a DUI.

As a child, I promised myself that I would never be like my parents. So far, I have succeeded greatly in that area. I come from a family where alcoholism runs on both sides of the family. I am not proud of what I did, by any means, and obviously I did not want to get caught. But I'm glad that I was. This was a huge wake-up call for me. It opened my eyes to the path I was going down. I was starting to emulate my parents.

Because of my stupidity, I was demoted to Airman. I now have an Article 15, 30 days of extra duty, am forfeiting some of my pay, and I can not drive on base for one year. I could have tried to have my punishment lessened but I chose not to try. I believe I deserved every bit of punishment I received and I should pay the consequences for what I did. If you are going to commit an offense, you should own up to what you did and accept the punishment like an adult.

There are plenty of people at Malmstrom AFB who now know who I am because of me getting a DUI and I have told numerous people what happened. I hope and pray that at least one of those people will take my mistake as an example and learn from it.

If you really want to drink, make sure you have someone who will be your designated driver or have a place you can stay if you have been drinking. You might not get caught the first time, or the next 10 times for that matter. You may be unlucky enough to never get caught but just think of all the lives you are putting in danger when you decide to get behind the wheel. Luckily, I did not hurt myself or anyone else while I was driving.

I know I can overcome this and yes it is going to be hard. But it is not impossible. I am extremely grateful this did not ruin my career in the Air Force. Believe me the punishment is not fun so please do not get into the same situation I am in. Don't drink and drive!!