CAA helps Airmen make 'right decision'

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Tim Hezel
  • 341st Missile Wing Career Assistance Advisor
Those of us who have been in the Air Force for a long time might remember their days as a first-term Airman, when we had to visit the unit career advisor. During the meeting, he or she would try to persuade us to re-enlist and stay in the service. Many people didn't hold much belief in that system because the career advisor didn't explain all the available benefits. Well, that method has changed.

We have a monthly program here, Right Decision, that focuses on first- and second-term Airmen at critical points in their career. It ensures they have all the facts to enable them to make an informed decision about their future. We routinely schedule first termers at their 34th month (four-year enlistee) or 58th month (six-year enlistee) and second termers within six months of their date of separation. Also, because these kinds of career decisions can have deep family impact, spouses are invited and encouraged to attend.

Without up-to-date information on all the benefits, opportunities or entitlements, many first-term Airmen find themselves trapped, and the only way, they believe, it can be resolved is by separation. Right Decision was created especially for these individuals. It provides attendees current information on their Air Force benefits and opportunities, as well as new programs and authorizations, such as the Base of Preference Program. The Air Force has reported a 95 percent success rate for placing first-term Airmen in an assignment of their choice.

Right Decision is a mandatory seminar that includes briefings by the Career Assistance Advisor and In House Recruiter as well as the Command Chief. Monthly briefings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at the education center. Sign up for the seminar at the Community of Practice Web page or call me at 731-4766 for more information. Personnel selected to attend will receive a personal letter from the wing command chief.