CoRC will reduce the need for VWAP

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  • By Nancy Anderson Sinclair
  • Victim Witness Assistance Program Coordinator
Building a Culture of Responsible Choices is all about respect: respect for yourself and others, along with respect for the Air Force as an institution. When someone commits a crime, he or she demonstrates a complete lack of respect for the victim, for his or her own future, for the organization of which he or she is a member and for the Air Force as a whole. This type of behavior corrodes our Wingman culture.

If the CoRC initiative were part of every Air Force member's decision-making paradigm, then there would be no need for victim or witness assistance. However, there are still those Air Force members who make less than optimal choices that result in criminal behavior, leaving behind victims and/or witnesses. When this occurs, the Victim and Witness Assistance Program is there to help.

Once a crime has been reported and investigation commenced, VWAP is there to support both the victim(s) of and witness(es) to the crime. As VWAP coordinator, I assist victims and witnesses in the criminal justice process, by advising them of their rights and providing information about the process. The program is designed to protect the rights of victims and witnesses, and enhance their role in the military justice system.

Furthermore, I inform victims and witnesses of their rights, such as the right to reasonable protection, to certain information regarding the proceedings and to relief to which they may be entitled. After consultation, I assist victims in obtaining financial, legal and other social services. I also assist family member victims of crimes in receiving transitional monetary assistance in certain circumstances. Additionally, I coordinate services with the victim advocacy program in the local community. Generally, if a victim or witness experiences difficulty during the process, I can provide access to necessary services, both on and off the installation.

Every poor choice that results in criminal behavior impairs the mission. Crime can consume the victim, accused, witnesses and their family members. It also places a significant burden on commanders and their staffs, as well as the military justice system and those entities involved in victim support.

VWAP is there to help, but the responsible choice is be a good Wingman so that nobody ever needs to utilize it. Watch out for yourself and your fellow Airmen and be aware that criminal behavior is a problem that affects all of us.

Victim Witness Assistance Program
This program assists victims and witnesses of crimes once an investigation is opened or judicial proceedings commence. The purpose is to ensure best efforts are extended to protect the rights of victims and witnesses.
Coordinator: Ms. Nancy Anderson Sinclair
For more information, call 731-2878

SARC, Ms. Lori Muzzano, 731-4225
Base Chaplain, 731-3721
Base Law Enforcement Desk, 731-3895
National Center for Victims of Crime,
DoD Instruction 1030.2, Victim and Witness Procedures