Some have reached the goals, some have work to do

  • Published
  • By Col. Michael Fortney and Chief Master Sgt. Cari Kent
  • 341st Missile Wing commander and 341st Missile Wing command chief
The command chief and I held a series of Commander and Chief's Calls in January to outline wing goals for 2010 and issue some challenges to all of our Airmen. During those gatherings, we rolled out a new incentive program to reinforce our expectations for our "24/7 Airmen" and for our important mission. If you recall, these discussions detailed our plan to recognize units and teams that meet our tough standards as they pertain to mission accomplishment, accidents and Airmanship.

Specifically, we discussed how we were going to track unit successes in three big areas -- Serious discipline issues, vehicle accidents in the missile field and significant errors that impact our important mission. We explained that any unit or team that succeeded in all three of these important areas for an entire quarter would be recognized with a Wingman Day in conjunction with a weekend. Well, the results for our first quarter are in and we're pleased to announce that many of our units aced the test.

As a result, every "green" unit listed in the tracking matrix listed next to this article will be allowed to take advantage of our first-ever quarterly incentive Wingman Day. On a Friday to be named soon, each of the units meeting these tough standards in all three areas will take part in Friday morning Wingman activities and then be allowed to take off after lunch to begin their weekends early and spend time with family and friends.

Unfortunately, there were several units that did not meet the challenge this quarter. On that same Friday, these units will meet in the morning during a unit commander's call to discuss where they fell short this quarter, discuss how they can address the area(s) that led to their removal from the Wingman Day roster, and then head back to work to finish the day.

The Chief and I are very proud of each and every unit that aced the test this quarter and are confident those that missed the mark this time can and will rise up next quarter.

And remember, success in these three areas is not simply about getting a jump-start on a weekend or getting the chance to enjoy some unit Wingman activities. It's about Airmen demonstrating our Core Values 24/7 (remember our 24/7 Airman campaign?). It's about safe vehicle operations in our rugged missile field. And it's about meeting mission goals in support of a mission that remains so vitally important to our nation and allies.

Again, we are proud of the units and teams that aced the test this quarter -- congratulations to each member of the "green" units listed in our chart. And we are confident even more of you will enjoy the next 90-day Wingman Day. Thanks for all you do each and every day to make Malmstrom the finest missile base in our Air Force.