Commanders Corner

  • Published
  • By Col. Anthony Cotton
  • 341st Missile Wing commander
At the conclusion of last week's exercise, I sent out a note to the wing for the incredible effort made by Wing One participants. The level of planning developed by the members of our wing resulted in the near flawless execution of a first time exercise seen by AFGSC. You set the bar for the command. I won't detail the exercise here, an article is included in this week's Guardian. I would like to recognize those individuals from Wing One who made this exercise possible. Kudos to all of you for a job well done.

RTF Outstanding Performers

Wing Staff Agencies
Tammy Deshner - CCP
Lt. Col. Dave Mattson - CP
Lt. Col. Darren Makela - CP
Tech. Sgt. Amanda Quiroz - CP
Tech. Sgt. Keith Hittler - CP
Mike Ward - IP
Joanne Bratten - IP
Maj. Lyn Patyskywhite -JA
Capt. Eric Backstrom - JA
1st Lt. Marshel Slater - PA
Jerry Kain - XP
Maj. Jack Corcino - XP
Capt. Steve Ford - XP
Capt. Brian Reaser - XP
Capt. Bill Thompson - XP
1st Lt. Trent Ricketts - XP
Master Sgt. Steve McSwain - XP
Tech. Sgt. Joe Gandolphi - XP
Mark Blake - XP
David Wheeler - XP
Julie Reaser - XP

Mission Support Group:
Capt. Stephanie Cox - CS
1st Lt. Tim Adams - CS
Tech. Sgt. Martin Cunningham - CS
Senior Airman Nathan Bentley - CS
Airman 1st Class Terry Butterfield - CS
Greg Davis - CS
Trent Carr - CS
Royce Shipley - CES
Maj. James Duke - CES
2nd Lt. Sean Granier - CES
Tech. Sgt. John Lynn - CES
Tech. Sgt. Robert Skiff - CES
Maj. Martin Sweet - FSS
2nd Lt. Olivia Ocampo - LRS
1st Lt. Joseph Orr - LRS
Master Sgt. Timothy Powers - LRS
SSgt Aaron Hall - LRS

Operations Group:
Maj. Jim Druell -OSS
Capt. D. J. Wyrick-OSS
Capt. Adam Lord -OGV
Capt. Scott Cox - OGV
Capt. Adam Sears - 490 MS
1st Lt. Megan Steele - OGV
Staff Sgt. Dawn Griffiths - CCK

Maintenance Group:
Maj. John Briner - MXG
2nd Lt. Kevin O'Neill - MMXS
Senior Airman Chasitie Carroll - MXG
Airman 1st Class Mike Williams - MXG

Security Forces Group:
Maj. Brian Quenette - SSPTS
1st Lt. Cory Knop - 741st MSFS
Staff Sgt. Logan Fitzgerald - 341st MSFS

Medical Group
Maj. Brian Weaver - MDOS
2nd Lt. Robin Threlkel - MDOS
Staff Sgt. Scott Labonte - MDOS

The wing was just as busy this week. Led by Capt. Ella Kassha, the Farsiders of the 490th Missile Squadron will be concluding their code change today. Great job, Wing One, as we once again orchestrated a successful plan of execution between operations, maintenance and security forces. No detail left unturned as we deployed multiple maintenance teams, security forces and crewmembers east to carry out this critical task. Two squadrons down, one to go.

Wing One, it's not only the large muscle movements that catch my attention. Day to day activities are just as important. For example, Airman 1st Class Elizabeth Mayhill, traffic management apprentice, 341st Logistics Readiness Squadron, is constantly the first in to work for her section and the last to leave. On Thursday, May 27, she chose to remain at her workstation after being released for wingman day to prepare critical documents that would be needed while she was out of the office supporting the RTF.

Senior Airman Nathan Bentley, client system technician, 341st Communication Squadron, went above and beyond to support AFGSC during their time at Minot AFB. Lt. Col. John Storey, AFGSC, sent a note specifically thanking the 341st Communication Squadron Commander and Airman Bentley.

Tech. Sgt. Martin Cunningham, NCOIC, Client System Technician Cell, 341st Communication Squadron, worked diligently to stand up the Communications Focal Point work center and provided guidance for the first-ever 450+ Mission Support Group user test-case actions. Additionally, Sergeant Cunningham provided outstanding leadership as the lead CST for multiple RTF exercises, leading up to the AFGSC exercise we just witnessed. His team ensured a full suite of communications capabilities were set up and functional for the receipt of all RTF personnel and all of tent city.

Master Sgt. Randall Swisher, Tech. Sgt. Gregory Demarco, Senior Airman David Rogan, and Senior Airman Juan Hernandez, Firemen, 341st Civil Engineer Squadron, while returning to base from a response in the missile field on May 28, aided the Montana Highway Patrol and Belt Rural Fire Department and Ambulance respond to a vehicle accident that had just occurred.

Over in the Maintenance Group, Staff Sgt. Gabe Nelson, a key member of the 341st Missile Operations Squadron Plans and Scheduling office, exemplified our AF Core Values when he took the initiative to perform an out-of-cycle review of periodic inspection work orders. His analysis uncovered an overdue periodic inspection on a site that a maintenance team was just minutes away from entering. Thinking quickly, Sergeant Nelson halted a task in progress in the field until this requirement was met. His situational awareness, personal integrity, and quick actions ensured our personnel and critical equipment remained 100 percent safe, secure and reliable. Gabe exemplified "doing the right thing." His action was absolutely spot on.

As you can see from the examples above, having pride in what you do is not bounded by rank. Team Malmstrom, it's been a busy week; the tempo will remain high. But as I travel across the base meeting folks in their work centers, I see motivated Airmen, like Gabe, Martin, Elizabeth, Nathan, Randall and his crew. Keep doing what you're doing. Good work Wing One, let's continue to lean forward, press forward.

Col. Cotton