Commander’s Corner: Pride of Ownership

  • Published
  • By Col. Anthony Cotton
  • 341st Missile Wing commander
Summer is finally here! The rain has stopped, the sun is out, the temperature has risen and Montana is at its greatest. Often times we fail to look around us at the beautiful landscape both here in Great Falls and throughout our missile complex. Montana is one of the most peaceful, picturesque states in the nation, and although we have a tendency to take the wonders that we see doing our daily mission for granted, many people travel a long way to take it all in.

As we leap into July, it is important for all members of Team Malmstrom to recognize that family, friends and official visitors are pouring on to base. Whether they are here to do business, or on vacation, we need to put our best foot forward to show them the splendor of Malmstrom and the surrounding area. This is your base!

Have pride and take ownership of your buildings, your office areas and your homes. Your hard work and dedication to our mission catches the attention of many Air Force leaders and they all want to visit to see it in person. Impress them further by going out of your way to take care of the place we call home. Keep your yards cut, your plants pruned and your grass green. If you see a piece of trash while you are walking around, pick it up and throw it out.

We all have a responsibility not only to our mission, but to each other. Wearing the same uniform is not what makes us a team, but working together, sharing responsibility, and holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards not only in our duties but in every aspect of life does. Enjoy the beautiful weather, take pleasure in those that come to visit, and as always, stay focused and keep up the hard work.

Col. Cotton