Commander's Corner

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. (sel) Anthony Cotton
  • 341st Missile Wing commander
Many of you were able to attend the Operational Readiness Inspections out brief and heard Air Force Global Strike Command's Inspector General team shower us with praise. They were impressed, to say the least, with Wing One's discipline, pride and excellence. These are the hallmarks that distinguish us from other bases.

Maj. Gen. Alston, the Commander of 20th Air Force, then took the stage and echoed the IG's sentiments, adding his own words of encouragement. It is clear that we have, once again, established ourselves as one of the best in our MAJCOM and a shining example for the nuclear enterprise.

As you may recollect, during the commander's call before the inspectors arrived, I asked that you remember and apply the "Three C's"--Compliance, Competence and Composure. Judging by the results, you did even more than I asked! Not only did you perform your required tasks correctly, you did them with confidence, style and discipline. You performed your jobs as you should every day, and YOU ensured our wing's success.

As I have and will always continue to say, I am incredibly proud of all the members of Wing One. To receive an "Excellent" rating every player must contribute, but a few All-Stars went above and beyond that standard and I would like to personally recognize the individuals and teams listed below.

We got our first Super Bowl ring, but keep the drive and stay sharp. We are only as good as today. Celebrate a job well done, but do not feed off of the "hype;" we must continue to work with the same level of intensity. Our mission demands it. Again, I could not be more proud...well done Wing One!

341st Maintenance Operations Squadron
1st Lt. Jared Hostetler
Master Sgt. Christopher Smith
Staff Sgt . Christopher Daniels
Staff Sgt. Todd Cottrell

40th Helicopter Squadron
Capt. Jesse Greer

341st Missile Maintenance Squadron
Staff Sgt. Nathan Greene

341st Operations Support Squadron Crew S202
Capt. Christopher Boyes
1st Lt. Matthew Ditson

341st Missile Maintenance Squadron Missile Maintenance Team J-10
Staff Sgt. Michael Adams
Staff Sgt. Nathan Greene
Senior Airman Joshua Beatty
Senior Airman Stephen Sartini
Senior Airman James Helderbrand

741st Missile Security Forces Squadron Convoy Response Flight
Master Sgt. Gregory Aderhold
Tech. Sgt. Aaron Frederick
Staff Sgt. Stalin Alvarado
Staff Sgt. Thomas Andrews
Staff Sgt. Matthew Burke
Staff Sgt. Benjamin Good
Staff Sgt. Holly Jones
Staff Sgt. Ira Sollace
Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Tuckey
Senior Airman Devon Baumgardner
Senior Airman Kendall Bennett
Senior Airman Jason Caban
Senior Airman Patrick Coady
Senior Airman Erica Corona
Senior Airman Johnathan Costa
Senior Airman Brandon Ellison
Senior Airman Christopher Estrada
Senior Airman Jeffrey Grubb
Senior Airman Darius Harbour
Senior Airman Adam Hooper

741st Missile Security Forces Squadron Convoy Response Flight
Senior Airman James Kieffer
Senior Airman Jeremy Lamphear
Senior Airman Robert Leow
Senior Airman Steffen Lopez
Senior Airman Eric Markel
Senior Airman Alvin Morris
Senior Airman Erick Ramey
Senior Airman Stewart Reed
Senior Airman Jeffrey Robey
Senior Airman Joshua Seebohm
Senior Airman Edward Stallworth
Senior Airman Jared Vogel
Senior Airman Dewana Williams
Airman 1st Class Orlando Armada
Airman 1st Class Cameron Bennett
Airman 1st Class James Drietzler
Airman 1st Class Pedro Garza
Airman 1st Class Robert Grullon
Airman 1st Class Justin Giese
Airman 1st Class Kendrick Jones

741st Missile Security Forces Squadron Convoy Response Flight
Airman 1st Class Jordan Locke
Airman 1st Class Christopher Montemayor
Airman 1st Class Andrew Nadeau
Airman 1st Class Daniel Penner
Airman 1st Class Justin Parker
Airman 1st Class James Pulley
Airman 1st Class Kirk Sanders
Airman 1st Class Jonathan Snoozy
Amn Craig Beardsley
Amn Kelby Probst

741st Missile Security Forces Squadron Tactical Response Force
Tech. Sgt. Ronrico Pace
Staff Sgt. Jason Daniels
Staff Sgt. Ryan Krastins
Senior Airman Daniel Paredes
Airman 1st Class Grant Uhrich
Airman 1st Class Richard Welty
Airman 1st Class Paul Rodriguez, Jr.
Airman 1st Class Michael Travis
Airman 1st Class Jason Hill

341st Missile Security Forces Squadron G-60/G-70 Security Response Teams
Senior Airman Jerry Cross, Jr.
Senior Airman Eric Jackson
Airman 1st Class Shanace Robinson
Airman 1st Class Gary Becton
Airman 1st Class Davison Clark

741st Missile Security Forces Squadron Convoy Tactical Commander/Convoy Response Flight Leadership
1st Lt. William Glojek
Tech. Sgt. Charlene Gillman

341st Civil Engineer Squadron
Airman 1st Class Brandon Allen
Airman 1st Class Brittany Musha

341st Medical Group
Capt. Alison Thomas
Senior Airman Richard Franks

341st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Senior Airman Linda Hogan
Airman Paige Garrett

341st Security Forces Squadron Golf-2 Gate Runner Security Team
Airman 1st Class William Smith
Airman 1st Class Tyler Rhodes
Airman 1st Class Sean Purdy
Airman Aubrillinda Rico

Network Control Center Team
Ms. Sabrina Cogger
Mr. Keith Head
Mr. Dusting Ostberg
Mr. Greg Davis

341st Civil Engineer Squadron Beddown Team
1st Lt. Eric Van De Mark
2nd Lt Matthew Nichols
Master Sgt. John Lawson
Master Sgt. Britt Bare
Tech. Sgt. Mark Matthews
Tech. Sgt. Brandon Smith
Staff Sgt. Alan Andersen
Senior Airman Justin Manning
Airman 1st Class Jody Kilpatrick

341st Civil Engineer Squadron B-Shift Rescue
Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Wray
Staff Sgt. Eric Green

341st Logistics Readiness Squadron Deployment Control Center Team
Mr. Dan Brandner
Mr. Jerry Chandler
1st Lt. Olivia Ocampo
Tech. Sgt. Thomas Lewis
Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Aylward
Senior Airman Alice Lysholm
Senior Airman Desiree Gathers
Senior Airman Jeffery Svejkovsky
Airman Paige Garrett

341st Medical Operations Squadron Public Health Deployment Team
Capt. Clay Jensen
Capt. Jeremy Gustafson
Capt. Dan Anderson
2nd Lt. Stephen Meyers
Master Sgt. Steve Small
Master Sgt. Renee Hewitt
Master Sgt. Traci Wilmoth
Master Sgt. Sarah Edwards
Tech. Sgt. Ron Mehalick
Tech. Sgt. Tony Duranti
Tech. Sgt. Christina Zabel
Tech. Sgt. Judi Baird
Tech. Sgt. Tony Duranti
Staff Sgt. Jon Shields
Staff Sgt. Deanna Peil
Staff Sgt. Stephanie Stagray
Staff Sgt. Amanda Leak
Staff Sgt. Natasha Toman