Commander's Corner

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. (sel) Anthony Cotton
  • 341st Missile Wing Commander
Team Malmstrom, 2011 arrived like a lion. Whether extreme winter conditions or a myriad of real world operations, our Wing has been at a full sprint with activity. Continuing to strengthen our nuclear enterprise remains the most immediate priority of the Air Force, and here at Wing One, the operations tempo has been extremely high to ensure mission success. Members of Team Malmstrom continue to display the values of Air Force Global Strike Command, I am extremely proud of all of you - Airmen, civilian employees and contractors - each of you make a difference every day as our wing conducts its vital mission. I am impressed by your hard work, commitment, motivation and professionalism.

I would like to give special recognition to some individuals from Wing One who made the last few weeks successful; kudos to all of you for a job well done.

341st Missile Wing
Maj. David Trout
Capt. William Thompson
1st Lt. Trent Ricketts
1st Lt. Nolan Vaughan
Tech. Sgt. Kevin Fouty
Tech. Sgt. Jason Joseph
Tech. Sgt. Corey Pedersen
Senior Airman Kevin Gleason
Senior Airman Brittany Mundy
Senior Airman Michael Silva
Airman 1st Class Terry Butterfield
Airman 1st Class Kimbra Knapp

341st Operations Group
1st Lt. Douglas Kern

OGV Crew Operations
Maj. James Horne
Capt. Jonathan Black
Capt. Charles Dieterle
Capt. Theodore Givler
Capt. Charles Harbuck
Capt. John Mayer
Capt. Gregory Tengco
1st Lt. Kelly Crockett
1st Lt. Justin Jones
1st Lt. Douglas Kern
1st Lt. Jeremy McMullen
1st Lt. Luke Oman
1st Lt. Brian Quinlan
1st Lt. Austin Randle
1st Lt. Megan Steele
1st Lt. Jessica Tiffany
1st Lt. Trevor Trujillo

341st Operations Support Squadron
Capt. Matthew Hane
Capt. Brian Sump

Chef Training
Tech. Sgt. Ricardo Andrillon
Staff Sgt. Ernesto Roman-Cruz
Staff Sgt. Erick Dunn

10th Missile Squadron
1st Lt. Esther Glenn
2nd Lt. Christopher Stephenson
Airman 1st Class Jamee Heflin

12th Missile Squadron
1st Lt. Cyler Gembol
1st Lt. Jacob Justus
1st Lt. Jessica Matthews
2nd Lt. Joshua Moore
1st Lt. Adam Hamlin
2nd Lt. Melanee Fegel
Tech. Sgt. Brian Rayner

490th Missile Squadron
1st Lt. Christel Andrews
2nd Lt. Matthew Rohlman
Tech. Sgt. Mark Wright

40th Helicopter Squadron
Capt. Jesse Greer
Tech. Sgt. Mike France
40th HS/DOW (Tactics)

341st Maintenance Group
Tech. Sgt. Sheldon Mason
Staff Sgt. Paul Mantel

ELAB Maintenance Team
Tech. Sgt. Rickey Cascell
Senior Airman Nicoletta Cash
Senior Airman Cody Rider

EMT Team Training
Staff Sgt. Alexander Hutchings
Staff Sgt. Lucas Langenderfer

341st Security Forces Group

341st Security Support Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Terrance Gawith
Senior Airman Joshua Rico
Tech. Sgt. Cascal Smith
Staff Sgt. Amy Williams

341st Missile Security Forces Squadron
Airman 1st Class Jordan Waldo

Airman 1st Class Robyn Franklin
Airman 1st Class Tyler Woolverton

Airman 1st Class Travis Hurt
Airman William Mullinnix-Nichols

341st Security Forces Squadron
Airman 1st Class Nicolas Capriato

I would also like to recognize and welcome home the members of the 819th RED HORSE squadron that returned from a deployment to southwest Asia. In the past eight months, your Malmstrom family has truly missed you. Your dedication to the Air Force mission, your sacrifice, and your many accomplishments during your deployment are notable and have not gone unnoticed. Welcome back!

Finally, although we have been teased with some spring-like temperatures, we will likely continue to see more winter weather in the coming weeks. I encourage everyone to not let your guard down when it comes to safety. The thawing and evening freeze, plus the addition of snow fall can be deceiving. Black ice is a huge threat during these times.

Additionally, as the weather warms up, the snow and ice will melt leaving behind more water/runoff than we have seen in recent years. Be alert for flooding, and stay clear of standing water.

Team Malmstrom, March was a busy month and the tempo will remain high as we leap into spring. When I look around this wing I see motivated Airmen, proud of what they do. Keep doing what you're doing. Lean forward, press forward.